5 Popular Cannabis Edible Brands in Los Angeles That You’ll Love

Los Angeles’s cannabis culture is strong. You can find a great variety of cannabis goodies throughout the region. One of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in LA? Edibles.And with such a thriving customer base, a ton of companies have cropped up to satisfy the demand. Today, we’re going to give you a crash course on some of the best edibles in LA. 



Enjoyable edibles are actually made in LA. They make a lot of great treats that edible fans enjoy, like their Blackout Brownies and Animal Cookies. If you’ve never had Enjoyable edibles, be warned that they do pack a hefty punch. That’s one reason why people like them so much; they’re some of the highest quality edibles available on the market. 



Kiva Confections are extremely popular throughout LA and California for their assortment of THC-infused chocolates, mints, espresso bites, and gummies. One of their most popular products right now is their line of Camino gummies. There are multiple flavors, and each is named after parts of California and meant to put you in a “California State of Mind,” as the company says. The Watermelon Lemonade is meant to make you feel like you’re on a beach in southern California, which might explain its popularity  in Los Angeles. 


Kushy Punch

Kushy Punch is an award-winning brand that cares a lot about their customers’ highs and health. They actively avoid using ingredients that contain dairy, peanuts, fats, GMOs, and gluten, making them a great example of LA’s accessible food culture. Kushy Punch tries their best to offer something for everyone. They mainly dabble in gummies, but they’ve branched out here and there. including forays into CBD and sugar-free treats. 


Plus Gummies

Plus products offers some of the most popular THC-infused gummies available in LA and California in general. They’re tasty little citric acid-dusted gummy cubes infused with THC and available in a number of flavors. Think Sour Patch gummies, but for the 21+ crowd.


Venice Cookie Co.

Venice Cookie Company is pretty special. There are only a few edible producers that go out of their way to adjust to customers’ health concerns, and Venice is one of them. They specialize in vegan-friendly edibles. They even have some sugar free products as well. These are a great option for cannabis enthusiasts that want to get high from edibles but are conscientious about their diet. 


Now that you’re in the know, you’ll be able to get a taste of some of the best edibles Los Angeles has to offer. And if you get a chance, check out one of our movie rec lists for some flicks to enjoy with that edible high.

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