6 Cannabis Brands in California That You’ll Love

5 Cannabis Brands in California that you'll love

Forget about Colorado, the cannabis industry in California is becoming the headline State with high-quality cannabis. California is home to some of the best cannabis strains on the market, such as OG Kush, Sherbert, or Gelato. The Golden State has its challenges including a strong black market, but it’s still home to a great industry to watch for potential trends.

Let’s take a look at 6 cannabis brands in California that we think you might like!

1.     Sonder

Sonder is a cannabis cartridge producer. All the cannabis used in Sonder products comes from family-run farms in Mendocino County, and it’s produced using sustainable farming practices.

What makes Sonder stand out from its competitors is their creativity. As a brand, Sonder seems to be inspired by the free love of the 70s. Their designs are brimming with character, and their copywriting is inspiring and touching.

Sonder offers a good variety of cannabis cartridges. You can choose between single-strain selections or hybrid ones. Their vape liquids produce silky smooth vapor clouds that taste great.

2.     Exhalence

Exhalence is a cannabis café and dispensary serving LA, Sun Valley, and the surrounding areas. Exhalence caters to all cannabis lovers. Thanks to their wide variety of products, customers are bound to find something they enjoy, whether they’re looking for medical cannabis or CBD.

One of the things that make Exhalence great is their exceptional staff. Their budtenders are friendly and knowledgeable, and they help you pick out the best strains for your needs.

Another thing that makes Exhalence stand out is their location. There are a lot of parking spaces near the dispensary, the place itself has a great vibe, it’s roomy, and you can see their products neatly displayed behind glass counters.

3.     Vapexhale

Vapexhale is a vaporizer manufacturer that produces high-quality desktop units that use all-glass air paths to create large clouds of tasty vapor.

One of the advantages of Vapexhale vaporizers is that they work with concentrates and dry herbs. The design and functionality of the handmade glass components facilitate airflow and inhalation.

But the biggest advantage – as far as every vaper is concerned – is the quality and quantity of the vapor Vapexhale units produce. The fact of the matter is that you can get humongous clouds out of these vaporizers. And the vapor feels smooth and silky, no matter how large the cloud is.

4.     Emerald Alchemy

Emerald Alchemy is a California-based medicinal cannabis apothecary that offers a selection of flower, cold water concentrates, and tinctures. Emerald Alchemy combines the simplicity of traditional hashish making with new cannabis explorations to create unique products.

This brand grows its own cannabis on a farm in Northern California. Their products are crafted by experienced artisans, and they preserve the aromatic expression and resin quality of the cannabis plant.

Thanks to Emerald Alchemy’s attention to quality and detail, their hash, concentrates and tinctures become unique pieces of art.

5.     Ganja Goddess

Ganja Goddess is a statewide cannabis delivery service that ships medical cannabis, edibles, CBD, and more throughout California.

What makes Ganja Goddess stand out is their wide variety of available products, especially their large collection of cannabis edibles. The company offers a vast selection of high-quality edibles sourced from small and large manufacturers.

Another thing that makes them great is that Ganja Goddess includes a single-use cold pack in the orders that contain edibles to prevent them from melting. This brand also has occasional deals or specials that make their products more accessible.

6.     Cannabis Café

Cannabis Café is an original concept based in West Hollywood. This is a space where cannabis connoisseurs and the canna-curious can consume cannabis and food in a restaurant-like atmosphere.

This is an amazing concept, and it’s a great opportunity for tourists and locals to socialize and consume high-quality cannabis products. The budtenders at Cannabis Café are nice and helpful, and they can recommend different products for those who seek specific experiences.

But the Cannabis Café is more than a dispensary. Their food menu is a stoner’s dream come true. You can choose between burgers, nachos, chicken tenders, pie, and more – everything you need to put your munchies at ease. It’s definitely worth the try!

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