As CBD Legality Fluctuates, Washington State Bans It in Food and Drinks

On August 1st, a new state-wide law banning CBD being labeled as a food ingredient went into effect in Washington state. This new law affects products that have been popping up in numerous pharmacies, grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. The ban will also affect pet food that includes CBD. 

However, the new law won’t affect CBD products sold through licensed cannabis retailers, which are legally allowed to sell CBD products according to Washington’s cannabis laws. 

Due to CBD’s rapid rise in popularity, numerous businesses unregulated by state cannabis laws have begun selling CBD products. Many have begun marketing CBD as a “miracle drug,” and both state and federal agencies have struggled to properly regulate CBD as products with misleading labels and dubious benefit have flooded the market.

Washington’s Department of Agriculture is doing their best to spread the word so that the rules are enforced. Instead of a full-force crackdown, they’re hoping to change things through outreach and education about CBD. The agency has stated that if companies refuse to comply, though, they might have to get aggressive. 

This ban will also affect any pet food that has CBD in it as well. Anyone looking for CBD products will have to go to more traditional cannabis outlets if they wish to keep using CBD-infused food and drinks. Fortunately, there is a huge variety of CBD products at the many licensed dispensaries throughout Washington State. 

Washington lawmakers may revisit the topic of CBD-infused food and drinks as more information about CBD and its affects come to light, particularly as the FDA looks to issue more rules on CBD later this year.

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