Bureau of Cannabis Control Finalized Proposed Cannabis Regulations

bureau of cannabis control updated cannabis regulations changes

Today the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) released the latest version of the proposed cannabis regulations. As we continue getting closer to an official and complete set of regulations we’d like to keep you updated on how to properly manage cannabis waste. After all it is our area of expertise 🙂 

These regulations are not in full effect and are currently under review by the California Office of Administrative Law(OAL) which was submitted on December 3rd. 

Without further ado, here are the new regulations related to cannabis waste management: 

Definition: “Cannabis waste” means waste  that contains cannabis and that has been made unusable and unrecognizable in the manner prescribed in section 5054 of this division.

Section 5049 (7) Track and Trace Reporting:

If cannabis goods are being destroyed or disposed of, the licensee shall record in the track and trace system the following additional information:

  • (A) The name of the employee performing the destruction and disposal.

  • (B) The reason for destruction and or disposal.

  • (C) The entity disposing of the cannabis waste.
Section 5054 (A-F) Destruction of Cannabis Goods Prior to Disposal

(a) Licensees shall not dispose of cannabis goods, unless disposed of as cannabis waste, defined under section 5000(g) of this division.

(b) Cannabis waste shall be stored, managed, and disposed of in accordance with all applicable waste management laws, including, but not limited to, Division 30 of the Public Resources Code.

(c) Cannabis goods intended for disposal shall remain on the licensed premises until destroyed into cannabis waste. The licensee shall ensure that:

  • (1) Access to the cannabis goods is restricted to the licensee, its employees or agents; and

  • (2) Storage of the cannabis goods allocated for disposal is separate and distinct from other cannabis goods.

(d) To be rendered as cannabis waste for proper disposal, including disposal as defined under Public Resources Code section 40192, cannabis goods shall first be destroyed on the licensed premises. This includes, at a minimum, removing or separating the cannabis goods from any packaging, or container, and rendering it unrecognizable and unusable. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require vape cartridges to be emptied of cannabis oil prior to disposal, provided that the vape cartridge itself is unusable at the time of disposal.

(e) Cannabis waste on the licensed premises shall be secured in a receptacle or area that is restricted to the licensee, its employees, or an authorized waste hauler.

(f) A licensee shall report all cannabis waste activities, up to and including disposal, into the track and trace system, as required under Chapter 1, Article 6 of this division.

What Does This All Mean?

It doesn’t seem like much has changed with the regulations. They’ve kept most of the major parts and processes involved but have eliminated repetitive stipulations. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Anything that you are disposing of as cannabis waste must be first made unusable and unrecognizable before it is considered cannabis waste. 

  • You cannot dispose of any cannabis goods unless classified as cannabis waste.

  • Cannabis goods that are allocated to be cannabis waste must be kept separate from cannabis goods in a secured cannabis waste receptacles.

  • At minimum, you must separate the packaging from the goods and render it unusable and unrecognizable. This does not mean you have to empty oil cartridges before disposal provided that the vape is rendered properly.

  • You must record your cannabis waste disposal by providing who rendered the cannabis goods into cannabis waste, for what reason(s), and who collected and disposed your cannabis waste.
How Does EcoWaste Help With Cannabis Waste Compliance?

No hard sell. But here’s what we do at EcoWaste to ensure your cannabis waste complaint:

  • Provide secured, serialized, and labeled cannabis waste containers complimentary and; 

  • At each collection you receive a digital manifest that reflects the final stage of your cannabis waste disposal process. 

Ultimately cannabis waste disposal isn’t that complicated. However it is and important part of the industry. You can contact us for any question, no strings.

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