On January 16, 2019, California’s three state cannabis licensing authorities announced that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) officially approved state regulations for cannabis businesses across the supply chain. Please note, these new cannabis regulations listed below take effect immediately, meaning the previous emergency regulations are no longer in effect.

Section 5000. Definitions.

“Cannabis waste” means waste that contains cannabis and that has been made unusable and unrecognizable in the manner prescribed in section 5054 of this division.


Section 5049. Track and Trace Reporting

If cannabis goods are being destroyed or disposed of, the licensee shall record in the track and trace system the following additional information:

  • The name of the employee performing the destruction or disposal.
  • The reason for destruction and disposal.
  • The entity disposing of the cannabis waste.


Section 5054. Destruction of Cannabis Goods Prior to Disposal.

(a) Licensees shall not dispose of cannabis goods, unless disposed of as cannabis waste, defined under section 5000(g) of this division.

(b) Cannabis waste shall be stored, managed, and disposed of in accordance with all applicable waste management laws, including, but not limited to, Division 30 of the Public Resources Code.

(c) Cannabis goods intended for disposal shall remain on the licensed premises until rendered into cannabis waste. The licensee shall ensure that:

  • Access to the cannabis goods is restricted to the licensee, its employees or agents; and
  • Storage of the cannabis goods allocated for disposal is separate and distinct from other cannabis goods.
  • To be rendered as cannabis waste for proper disposal, including disposal as defined under Public Resources Code section 40192, cannabis goods shall first be destroyed on the licensed premises. This includes, at a minimum, removing or separating the cannabis goods from any packaging or container and rendering it unrecognizable and unusable. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require vape cartridges to be emptied of cannabis oil prior to disposal, provided that the vape cartridge itself is unusable at the time of disposal.
  • Cannabis waste on the licensed premises shall be secured in a receptacle or area that is restricted to the licensee, its employees, or an authorized waste hauler.
  • A licensee shall report all cannabis waste activities, up to and including disposal, into the track and trace system, as required under Chapter 1, Article 6 of this division.


Section 5502. Cultivation Plan Requirements

(a6) Designated composting area(s) if the licensee will compost plant or cannabis waste on site.
(a7) Designated secured area(s) for cannabis waste if different than subsection (a)(6) of this section.


Section 5601. Temporary Cannabis Event License

A diagram of the physical layout of the temporary cannabis event. The diagram shall clearly indicate where the temporary cannabis event will be taking place on the location grounds, all entrances and exits that will be used by participants during the event, all cannabis consumption areas, and all retail areas where cannabis goods will be sold. The hours during which cannabis goods will be sold shall be noted on the diagram. The diagram shall also clearly indicate the area where cannabis waste will be stored, all areas where cannabis goods will be stored, and the specific location of each cannabis licensee who will be participating in the event. Each cannabis licensee participating in the event shall be identified with an assigned temporary cannabis event location number. The diagram shall not contain highlighting and the markings on the diagram shall be in black-and-white print.

All cannabis waste generated at a temporary cannabis event shall be collected and disposed of in accordance with the requirements of section 5054 this division. The licensed cannabis event organizer may contract or arrange for the collection and disposal of cannabis waste generated during the temporary cannabis event.

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