CA State Fair Cannabis Exhibit Success

According to KCRA, the first-of-its-kind exhibit in the California State Fair is proving to be a huge attraction for fairgoers.

cannabis exhibit at California State Fair

The California Cannabis Exhibit is an open-air space for visitors to learn more about the plant, honor the farmers, and learn about where the industry is heading.

Visitors were told by KCRA 3 they found the exhibit exciting and informative.

Vendors are thrilled about having the opportunity to meet attendees – providing information on various products and their use.

The content was taken from Facebook. It is possible to access the same content in a different format or be able to find more details on their website.

“The green market is growing, yet 86% of new consumers don’t know how to use cannabis,” claimed vendor of events Vanessa Oliver. “It is our job as educators to teach them.”

Exhibitor producers say cannabis is worthy of the right to be featured on the stage at the State Fair, just like other significant California products.

The idea of bringing an exhibit like this to the fair has been a top priority for the fair’s chair for a long time. The fair’s organizers have said that attendance at the cannabis exhibit over the fair’s 17-day duration could be between 70,000-80,000 visitors.

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