Cali Brand CRTFD Brings Fashion, Flavors, & Cannabis to Barcelona

Benzinga reported that CRTFD, a cannabis-based lifestyle company from California, has launched its first cannabis-focused nightclub in Barcelona, Spain. The club is situated near the heart of Barcelona, just a five minutes walk from the famous Cathedral of Barcelona.

California Street Culture Brand CRTFD Brings Its Fashion, Flavors And Cannabis To Europe, Opens Cannabis Club In Barcelona
Image from Benzinga

The team behind Club CRTFD is committed to authenticity and is open to subculture in all its forms. CRTFD is a club that is bringing the finest in fashion, cannabis, and art with the California taste and flair to Europe.

CRTFD began with cannabis products and then expanded to food, fashion, and art. The decision to establish an environment that reflected the cannabis community was a natural progression. “We chose Barcelona as we feel it is the cannabis hub of Europe and the environment and energy resemble that of California,” says the creative director Seti.

In the country of Spain, cannabis is not permitted. However, the drug is legally decriminalized. This means that clubs such as CRTFD are able to offer cannabis as part of the “social club membership,” which is a typical feature of the Barcelona marijuana scene.

Club CRTFD features a casual open layout, comfortable furniture, and beautiful, customized art pieces throughout. French artist @Soklak is CRTFD’s art director; his artwork is regularly on display.

The California taste is what sets this space apart from other cannabis-related clubs in Barcelona as well as integrating it to become a concept-based showcase. California is a perfect example of setting the highest standard in fashion, cannabis, and lifestyle, and CRTFD is fully dedicated to bringing it across the Atlantic.

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