Cali Cannabis Brand Presidential to Emerge in Three More Markets

Everett Smith played professional basketball in Europe before co-founding a California marijuana company, President. The company is now selling one of the best pre-rolls in the state and expanding into three states. Everett, the company’s President, talked to New Cannabis Ventures about Presidential’s Moon Rocks products, market expansion, and revenue growth.

Image from New Cannabis Ventures / Presidential Co-Founder & CEO Everett Smith

After a series of accidents, Smith quit basketball. While working in Las Vegas, he heard about a potential opportunity in cannabis. He decided to take a risk and founded Presidential alongside his co-founder, John Zapp.

Zapp gave classes to Smith about business and sales. Zapp taught Smith about sales and business, as Smith gave his insights into his experience in the industry of cannabis. In the years since the business has developed and has created a tightly knit team that runs like an established family company. Felicia Smith Smith, the wife of Smith, is in charge of the sales department in Los Angeles, where Presidential has established an impact with its brand. Mike Hall leads the company’s manufacturing processes, and Hunter Zapp leads distribution.

Presidential has a 6,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located in the Sherman Oaks area. According to Smith Smith, the company distributes its products and currently sells its products in 430 stores. BDSA data shows that Presidential is the fourth-highest-selling brand of pre-rolls and the most popular brand of blunt in California, as per Smith.

Additionally to this establishment, Presidential owns a New York-style pizzeria called Esco’s. The company welcomes clients and potential customers at the rear of the restaurant located in the Presidential Suite. The team also organizes events to celebrate the cannabis industry. According to Smith, the Presidential Suite serves as a marketing tool for the business, which helps to enhance the Presidential brand and ultimately helps the business to increase sales of its products.

Presidential has signed agreements to begin its business with its brand in Oklahoma, Nevada, and Michigan. Co-founder Zapp originates from Oklahoma, and the business is currently developing its infrastructure within that market. The company has a facility and is seeking the necessary permits to build it. Smith anticipates that the business will start operations within Oklahoma by September.

The company has also signed agreements to launch in Nevada and Michigan. Presidential will launch in Michigan through an alliance with the California company with retail outlets within both states. The collaboration partner of the company Moxie has introduced Presidential and the Presidential team to an authorized partnership in Nevada.

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