Cali Cannabis Imports Result in Three Blackpool Drug Arrests

According to BBC, three individuals were detained after police confiscated herbal cannabis that was shipped in Blackpool in the United States to Blackpool.

Cannabis seized from a parcel delivery
Image from BBC

The crackdown against “brazen” drug dealers importing cannabis from California, where cannabis is legal, was accompanied by three raids at three locations in the Lancashire resort.

Police took about 10 kg of cannabis, along with electronic devices, the Rolex watch, and PS2,000 worth of cash.

Two women and one man both aged 29 and all from Blackpool were detained under suspicion of importing of a controlled substance.

The raids are in response to an increase in the amount of cannabis-related seizures in the county, authorities stated.

It’s mostly brought in from California, a state where the drug’s production is regulated and distribution is legal.

The arrests are in reaction to the rise in the amount of drugs that are being introduced into the county of ours, particularly Blackpool,” said Det Ch Insp James Edmonds.

“Dealers buy the medication online, with the parcels being delivered unintentionally by parcel delivery companies.

“The drugs come from California, but on occasion, seizures from Morocco and Spain have been made.”

He added that “dealers are becoming more brazen.”

“We want to try and stem some of the flow into Blackpool as this is a persistent and growing problem in the area.”

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