Cali Cannabis Pilot Program for Sustainability

According to Grants, the Sustainable California Grown Cannabis Pilot Program (SCGC Pilot Program) is set to enhance sustainable outdoor cannabis cultivation with its data.

The SCGC Pilot Program was made to enhance the state’s access to outdoor cannabis cultivation data. This will improve management practices for cultivators throughout the state.

One of the main missions to regulate cannabis in Cali is to assist in environmental benefits and concerns related to cultivation. For instance, greenhouse gas emission reduction potential, pesticide use, water resource management, and ecological health benefits are some of the many environmental interests related to cannabis agriculture.

Through SB 170, there’s funding for the California Department of Food and Agriculture that’s to be allocated towards developing and administering a Sustainable California Grown Cannabis pilot study. This program will provide funding to research for the purpose of developing environmentally sustainable best management practices for outdoor cannabis agriculture.

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