California Cannabis Banking with New California Bank and Farming Program by Swissx

swissx california cannabis banking assistance

In Malibu, CA, Swissx has launched its Swissx Bank of California as an extension of its Bank of Cannabis in Switzerland. This bank plans to operate with Swissx’s cooperative farming program based on centuries-old agricultural traditions in Switzerland. It also will incorporate its experience developing collective hemp farms with the Rastafarian community of Antigua.

The microloans from Swissx could assist participating farmers with structures and supplies. In some instances, farmers can obtain land leasing and purchasing assistance, as well. So far, the Swissx farming program has already planted 200 acres in California, as well as thousands of acres throughout Puerto Rico, Antigua, and Switzerland.

Swissx founder and CEO, Alki David, says,

We are leading a sustainable, healthy revolution right now in California. Our Bank of Cannabis is now helping farmers get in at ground level on the business of the future, across the Caribbean, and now in California. As our slogan goes, it’s ‘For the Higher Good.’ And we want to bring our farming brothers and sisters with us.

Swissx is also well-known for its CBD product line, one of the first to become widely known throughout the US. This company offers a genetics division that has been coming up with innovations for hemp and cannabis. It has also worked on a project with the University of Antigua to learn more about the plants.

Now that Swissx is setting up shop at the SoCal region’s most popular farmers’ markets, it’s connecting with more farmers. This, of course, includes the famous Malibu Farmers’ Market. The company sells its seed and CBD products as its representatives discuss bespoke loan plans for farmers on-site. Swissx’s reps are also assisting farmers with navigating regional tax incentives and specialized USDA loans.

As Swissx continues helping farmers gain a foothold in the cannabis industry, this company continues to make a name for itself in the US. Have you noticed any other foreign companies coming into the US to facilitate cultivation?

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