California Testing Lab Falsification Might Cause Huge Cannabis Product Recall


Following an inspection by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) on Nov. 27, Sacramento-based Sequoia Analytical Labs gave up its business license. The inspection uncovered that the Lab Director of the company was giving false results during cannabis product testing over the last four months. With hundreds of products being released by this lab, a recall and retest might have to be done.

This is especially detrimental to the California cannabis industry because January is when more testing requirements are set to be put in place. These requirements will search for toxins, such as heavy metals.

With this problem coming to the surface, testing bottlenecks are expected to be put in place. The hope is that this will limit problems like this in the future.

This inspection revealed 22 out of the 66 required pesticides were not being tested for properly due to a faulty instrument. Upon closer analysis of the situation, the Lab Director knew the instrument was faulty and had been falsifying the results to allow for a certificate of analysis.

After learning about this serious breach of safety, the company has voluntarily surrendered their license. The company has fired and replaced the Lab Director and plans to make the necessary corrections before getting its license reinstated.

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