California Licensed Cannabis Delivery Statewide Deemed Legit


Companies throughout California have been trying to abide by state laws, but local regulations have been tough to deal with. While purchasing cannabis is legal throughout the state, some cities and counties are over-regulating and even banning the industry within their confines.

Remaining compliant with local laws has been stressful for cannabis delivery services. Some licensed cannabis delivery drivers have been forced to craft in-depth routes to ensure they’re remaining within legal areas. At this point, it’s estimated that around 30 percent of local jurisdictions in the state have regulated cannabis.

With the state ruling the Office of Administrative Law recently approved January 16, 2019 that licensed cannabis delivery operators will be allowed to deliver cannabis nearly anywhere in the state. This includes delivering to consumers in cities and counties against the cannabis trade.

Cannabis delivery services are ecstatic over their newly-found ability to expand their businesses. The hope is that with this ruling, black-market cannabis sales will diminish even further as these businesses grow. Even with this being an idea behind the ruling, some critics are claiming problems will persist.

Some people argue that this is an issue that should be handled locally. But still, other individuals are finding cannabis delivery is becoming an opportunity to scale faster than they’d initially anticipated.

For example, The Green Team has some serious plans to dominate licensed cannabis delivery. Co-owner Ali Cooper discusses how delivering throughout the state will help as cannabis delivery companies like his work on expanding.

He’s quoted saying, “It gives delivery services the ability to really quickly scale up and reach a larger consumer base.”

Cannabis delivery services will still have to avoid deliveries on public land. This includes any property the federal government is holding onto for a tribe or tribal member. Schools and day care centers are also a no-no. All in all, progress has been made in regards to cannabis delivery, and the future of this component of the industry is looking brighter in 2019.

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