Cali’s Legal Cannabis Value Falls 40%

According to North Bay Business Journal, Cali’s legal cannabis crop value dropped 39.7 over the last year, despite tonnage increasing by 12%. This is a sign that the licensed industry continues to struggle to stay afloat as the illicit market continues to thrive.

Harvested cannabis plants were trimmed and hung to dry at Erich Pearson’s farm on Trinity Road on Monday, Ocrt. 17, 2022. (Robbi Penglly/Index-Tribune)
Image from North Bay Business Journal

Licensed Golden State farmer wholesale cannabis value dropped $.66 billion, according to Leafly. They found that the legal crop weighed 577 metric tons, which was up 60 tons from the year prior. However, cultivation licenses have dropped by nearly 9 percent.

The rapid rise in legal crops throughout the nation has impacted the legal industry in California. While it’s a historic time for the plant and culture, revenue for legal cannabis is falling.

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