Cannabis Addiction Research Needed Now More Than Ever

We’ve all heard of the dangerous, addicting nature of other drugs, so you might be curious about whether or not cannabis addiction is a possibility. This article will touch upon cannabis addiction research showing the risks consumption bring.


What Puts Me At Risk For Cannabis Addiction

According to the Scientific American’s cannabis addiction research, one in ten people who try cannabis has the chance of developing an addiction to the cannabinoids. While this number is rather low percentage-wise, this percentage still represents a large group of people.

Individuals self-medicating with cannabis are more prone to cannabis addiction. Consuming cannabis without knowledge about dosing and an understanding of the drug can decline mental health and result in cannabis addiction symptoms as well.

Another variable coming into play is your motive behind your cannabis use. Research shows us that if you’re using cannabis as a means of escaping from uncomfortable emotions, the result can be mental health and cannabis addiction problems. All in all, THC is a psychoactive substance, meaning products high in THC can act as a positive and negative reinforcement depending on how you’re using this cannabinoid.

To explain a bit more thoroughly, cannabis acts as a rewarding stimulant as it enhances positive feelings while diminishing uncomfortable emotions. And while this can be therapeutic for some people, evidence-based psychological treatments show us that problems can develop and existing problems can become worse.


Diminishing The Risk Of Cannabis Addiction

Fortunately, there are some Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines to use to avoid problems down the line. In this list of guidelines, the authors provide a list of recommendations that help to lessen their risk of cannabis addiction, as well as other dangers regarding cannabis consumption.


While more cannabis addiction research is necessary, the signs point to addiction being all too common among consumers of the plant. Even though the chances of becoming addicted to cannabis are slim, the fact of the matter still stands that the psychoactive substance poses a threat.

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