5 Cannabis Brands to Check out in 2021

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Here’s our list of the top cannabis brands to watch in 2021:

cannabis brands the green organic dutchman

The Green Organic Dutchman Cannabis Brand

We’re firm believers in organic cannabis generally being better quality than the stuff grown with chemical-rich fertilizers. Whether you’re using cannabis to treat an ailment or a recreational consumer, it’s always ideal to go organic whenever possible. This is where The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) really shines.

The company focuses on small-batch, limited edition strains. These products are offered exclusively to their TGOD medical patients. All of the cannabis products at TGOD are certified organic too.

TGOD follows strict standards and sustainability principles to grow organic cannabis. The company’s products are lab-tested and high-quality, delivering an experience that’s never contaminated with synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

This company is also using recyclable packaging, like glass and tin, for their products. In an industry plagued by plastic packaging, this is pretty neat.

cannabis brands rubicon organics

Rubicon Organics Cannabis Brand

Rubicon Organics is also making waves as a top-notch cannabis brand. This brand understands the importance of handcrafted cultivation quality paired with the efficiency of commercial production. So you can expect to see most of the top cannabis dispensaries carrying this brand’s organic products.

The most interesting thing about Rubicon Organics is how they’ve innovated in the organic cultivation space. This company is the first certified organic producer in Canada too.

Rubicon Organics produces organic toxin-free cannabis that’s perfect for the therapeutic and over-the-counter market. The company also aims to serve the European market demand for high-quality organic cannabis products.

As a holder of proprietary intellectual property that allows the company to produce super-premium, certified organic cannabis, Rubicon Organics is easily one of the top cannabis dispensary brands on the market today. It’s also one of just 2 Certified Organic cannabis producers in Canada certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association.

cannabis brands marley natural

Marley Natural Cannabis Brand

Marley Natural has existed for quite some time now, and this cannabis brand also produces apparel and accessories. Created by Bob Marley’s estate, this company has become one of the most widespread marijuana companies in the U.S. With Bob Marley’s legacy leading the way and a private equity firm called Privateer Holdings guiding its efforts, it’s safe to say that Marley Natural will continue as a brand cannabis enthusiasts enjoy.

Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s granddaughter, is the company’s spokesperson. She is responsible for getting the work out about their wide assortment of body care and smoking products branded with the Marley name and their iconic lion logo. Even though the company is using Bob’s name to sell cannabis, it’s easy to see that it will continue to make big moves in the industry.

Marley Natural currently offers something for everyone. Here are the main categories:

  • Marley Green Hybrid: This flower provides a balance of cerebral effects native to sativas combined with the physical relaxation commonly found in indicas.
  • Marley Gold Sativa: This flower offers energetic, uplifting effects that some would describe as a cerebral experience that complements daytime activities.
  • Marley Red CBD Rich: These strains provide analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety properties with low THC concentrations.
  • Marley Black Indica: This flower offers a more physical, full-body experience that relaxes and soothes.

The company’s product offerings include whole flower, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and more.  Some of the products are also inspired by Bob’s time spent in the studio, giving true canna-enthusiasts the most authentic Marley experience available.

cannabis brands willie's reserve

Willie’s Reserve Cannabis Brand

Willie’s Reserve is a cannabis brand that partners with independent farmers to offer high-quality strains to consumers. With over two dozen independent cannabis farmers contributing to this brand, it’s safe to say Willie has something to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Willie Nelson has always been a celebrity in cannabis culture; it’s a way of life he has embraced time and time again. His philosophy guides the company: my stash is your stash.

Here are the independent farmers that breathe life into Willie’s Reserve:

  • AJ’s
  • Bloom County
  • Buckeye Relief
  • Category One Botanicals
  • Cherry
  • Culta
  • Earthworks Healing
  • Eden Farms
  • Elysian Fields
  • Green Mountain Ranch
  • Huckleberry Hill Farm
  • In The Flow
  • Moon Made Farms
  • Nabodoka
  • Nuhi Distribution
  • OG Medicinals
  • Polykulture Cannyard
  • Purple Mountain Farm
  • Redwood Remedies
  • Sacred Value
  • Silver Stem Fine Cannabis
  • Southern Charm Organics
  • The Chronic Factory
  • TSSA Nesunkwa
  • Vera

cannabis brand honest marijuana co

Honest Marijuana Co Cannabis Brand

Honest Marijuana Co. (HMC) isn’t one of the top cannabis brands at this point, but it should be. The company focuses on zero waste, which is rather important in this day and age.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, HMC complies with all regulations in place while committing to respecting the environment. It also has surpassed all standards put in place by the EPA and USDA while using a modern organic growing facility. All in all, this company has a goal to act as the model for responsible, eco-friendly, health-conscious cannabis farms and products in the U.S.

Here are a few fun facts about the Honest Marijuana Co. facility:

  • It uses highly efficient LEC lighting, ensuring a 30% lower power draw on the community’s resources. HMC is also looking into solar power to reduce its electricity use even further.
  • The facility uses nearly 220 gallons of the town’s water supply daily. HMC implements a method called “top feeding” to ensure that 5% or less water is wasted at its facility. It also has a high-quality sediment filter responsible for keeping sediment, chlorine, and other potentially harmful elements out of its process and water supply–as well as out of the town’s sewage system.
  • All HMC waste is confined to plant waste. This means the only waste this facility produces is composed of fan leaves, stems, and extraction surplus.
  • The HMC facility uses only OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed soil–around 250 cubic feet each month. After the crops are harvested, the soil goes to a local landscape company for composting and reuse for landscaping purposes.
  • HMC’s facility has a water-chilled climate control system that uses 30% less electricity than a standard HVAC system.
  • HMC’s plants are air-dried. An oven is used to create wax and hash, and any hexane and butane are recycled to ensure environmental impacts are minimal.
  • HMC’s fertilizers are all USDA-approved organic.
  • HMC’s nutrients are guaranteed organic and certified by OMRI to ensure they don’t contain synthetic ingredients.

As the cannabis industry continues its expansion, it’s safe to say, the United States and Canada are at the forefront of all things cannabis. The North American cannabis sector is experiencing tremendous growth. We’ve even seen some celebrity cannabis brands make it to market.

Canada’s federal legalization of recreational cannabis encouraged this growth. But it’s also important to remember the states that have legalized cannabis in one way or another. Ultimately, the legislative progress we’ve seen throughout North America has encouraged cannabis brands to level-up their operations.

Have you tried any of these cannabis brands? Leave a comment letting us know your favorite!

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