Two Cannabis Charities Showcasing The Best In The Industry

While the cannabis industry is booming, the cannabis charities working in the background of it all can’t go unnoticed. With this industry growing exponentially, it’s safe to say that cannabis charities are continuously helping to improve its image. In this article, we pay homage to two of the best cannabis charities and nonprofits boasting some of the most helpful cannabis enthusiasts around.


The Association Of Cannabis Specialists

This nonprofit does a lot to benefit the cannabis community. While upholding the highest standards regarding the Cannabis Medicine field, they are safeguarding patient care utilizing clinical best practices and working with other stakeholders in the cannabis community.

The Association of Cannabis Specialists is providing evidence- and experience-based educations to patients, cannabis clinicians, referring clinicians, and lawmakers, ensuring they have a firm understanding of cannabis medicine that allows them to make informed decisions. With a mission to boost awareness of the viability of using cannabis as a medicine and the availability of cannabis physicians and legitimate specialists, this nonprofit is diminishing the stigmas associated with supporting cannabis.


Sublime Foundation

The Sublime Foundation is working hard to improve the quality of life for underserved communities. Part of what they do includes using event production, awareness, and charitable donations to address social and medical issues. This organization is focusing on promoting physical, mental, and financial well-being of these underserved communities around the globe.

As the Sublime Foundation works to promote equity, health, and philanthropy, it’s also increasing patient access to medication. David Thompson, the managing partner, is quoted as saying, “Along with providing cannabis to medical patients we want to help build a more equitable cannabis industry by supporting individuals who would have been adversely impacted by the war on drugs.”

The Sublime Foundation finds brands to donate product to its patient programs. And while this is difficult because it can be costly and time-consuming, this nonprofit is making it happen!

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