Must-see Cannabis Cultivation Innovations for 2020

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Cannabis cultivation innovations continue to move this industry forward.

From more efficient lighting to improved nutrition, automation, and services that ensure compliance – every cultivator aims to improve their processes, yield, and bud quality.

Now more than ever, cannabis cultivators need to focus on increasing their production and efficiency. This is especially true as the pandemic continues encouraging federal U.S cannabis legalization.

In this article, we discuss five must-see cannabis cultivation innovations to decrease your resource consumption, remain compliant, increase your yield, and improve your processes.

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Cannabis Cultivation Innovations: Aeroponic Growing Systems

Compared to a traditional soil or hydroponic setup, aeroponics sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie. This cultivation method involves suspending the cannabis roots in the air while providing nutrients and water using a fine mist. The plants still need water, sunlight, oxygen, and CO2 to thrive, of course. However, similar to hydroponic grow setups, soil is unnecessary.

The setup includes a reservoir and a planter bed. The reservoir acts as a storage cell for the plants’ water supply; this is where the grower can check the water quality and nutrient concentrations.

Planter beds usually involve a misting system, a system for supporting and separating the roots from the plants, and a drainage system. This system also has pumps to connect the reservoir to the planter bed, allowing the two main components to exchange water.

Even though aeroponic cannabis grows aren’t the easiest, but they do come with some impressive benefits. The roots remain in contact with oxygen throughout the grow cycle, encouraging the roots to thrive. Also, the plants can take in nutrients with ease since the solution is directly applied to their roots.

Without the need for soil, aeroponics permits plants to grow close to one another. These soilless grow-ops also make harvests easier and keep pests away. This is also an excellent cannabis cultivation method because it uses less water and cultivates large, healthy buds full of trichomes.

light cannabis cultivation innovations

Image credit: Lumigrow toplight

Cannabis Cultivation Innovations: Lighting & Energy Consumption

Since cannabis plants need access to light to produce high-quality buds, one of the most significant expenses for any commercial grow operation is energy. But with innovations in cannabis lighting technology, it’s possible to reduce energy expenditure while maintaining the high-quality yields consumers demand.

Traditionally speaking, metal halide lights are common in the cannabis industry. However, high tech cannabis lighting experts usually choose LED lighting systems. These systems use around half as much energy, and with innovations in the light spectrum variance LED systems can emit, they’re now applicable for commercial cannabis grow-operations.

One company, in particular, Lumigrow, has released a system that lets cultivators control the red and blue lights. This allows the lights to meet the needs of cannabis crops at different stages in the cannabis grow cycle.

fertilizer cannabis cultivation innovations

Image credit: Seagate Products

Cannabis Cultivation Innovations: Fish Fertilizer

While unconventional, fish fertilizer is an excellent cannabis cultivation innovation as it’s natural and encourages optimal growing conditions. Made from whole anchovies and sardines off the coast of Baja, California, this fertilizer is highly concentrated, containing the equivalent of 16 pounds of whole fish worth of nutrients.

The cannabis grown with this fertilizer is free of chemicals and mold and mildew resistant. These plants can also withstand hot summer temperatures, over-watering, under-watering, excessive wind, and pests.

Fish fertilizer can be used as an indoor or outdoor fertilizer. Cultivators only need to apply it once every four to five months, as well, making it an excellent long-term nutrition option for cannabis plants.

pulse cannabis cultivation innovations

Image credit: Pulse

Cannabis Cultivation Innovations: Remote Grow Room Monitoring

For indoor cannabis cultivators looking for an automated grow facility, grow room monitoring is essential. Here’s where the Pulse One smart grow room monitor comes in handy.

The Pulse One includes an environmental sensor, wifi antenna, and flexible power options that allow cultivators to connect with, protect, and perfect their grow rooms. It tracks crucial grow room variables, including temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure deficit, light intensity, dew point, connectivity issues, and power outages.

Incorporating remote grow room monitoring allows cultivators to check their grow room conditions anytime, from anywhere. Cultivators can set custom alerts specific to their grow rooms, receiving notifications any time something changes. Compatible with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, the Pulse One is versatile, as well.

While traditional growers might not feel they need a remote grow room monitor, the data the Pulse One offers encourages the best results possible. Cultivators can try new methods and record historical data from their operations. This is how smart cultivators increase yields, reduce waste, and improve the environment in their grow rooms.

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Cannabis Cultivation Innovations: Waste Disposal

Cannabis waste disposal is crucial for remaining compliant in the cannabis sector. Cultivators don’t always consider how they’ll dispose of their cannabis waste, and with local waste disposal laws and regulators demanding compliance, legal disposal can become complicated and expensive.

With the need for a cannabis waste disposal solution, the demand for a professional and innovative solution was born. EcoWaste Services entered the cannabis sector to ensure cultivators and other cannabis business operators have an easy way to dispose of cannabis waste products without risking a compliance infraction.

Any material that comes in contact with cannabis is considered cannabis waste, meaning it needs proper disposal. EcoWaste collects and transports cannabis waste while ensuring proper disposal with compliance as a priority. Once the cannabis waste is collected by a technician, EcoWaste provides a digital manifest with the required details for compliance. This data is easily accessible through an online portal.

From planning your pickups to providing clean containers for cannabis waste storage, EcoWaste Services is the professional solution cultivators choose for proper cannabis waste disposal.

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