Cannabis Deliveries Throughout California Given The ‘OK’ By Regulators


While there are some California localities banning the cannabis industry, regulators in California say the delivery of cannabis is allowed throughout the state.

United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council and the California League of Cities, oppose this idea, claiming deliveries to areas banning cannabis sales takes local government control out of their hands. They fear crime will rise in these regions.

This has been a debated issue while the state regulators worked to work out the rules regarding how cannabis is grown, packaged, tested, and delivered.

It’s expected that the rules included will become law by Jan. 6, 2019, unless California’s Office of Administrative Law says otherwise. If a dispute occurs, a courtroom will be the next step to come to a decision.

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The UFCW Western States Council executive director, James Araby, is quoted saying, “Regulated marijuana dispensaries have tough security, checks for identity and legal age and strictly licensed workers. If marijuana can be delivered anywhere with virtually no regulation, California will lose these safeguards.”


Do you think these safeguards are necessary for cannabis distribution? Why or why not?

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