Cannabis Farmers Markets Bill Approved by California Legislative Panel

High Times reported that small cannabis growers in California would soon get a new way to make money under a bill introduced in February. The measure, if passed, would allow growers with no more than one acre of land under cultivation to get temporary event retail licenses. These licenses would only be valid at events including cannabis farmers markets, which are already operating in compliance with existing law.

cannabis farmers market
Image from Unsplash

The bill seeks to address the challenges faced by small growers in California’s newly legal cannabis industry. Current regulations do not allow growers to sell directly to consumers, forcing them to rely on licensed dispensaries. By allowing small growers to bypass this system and sell their products directly to consumers, the bill aims to give these farmers a much-needed new revenue stream.

Assemblymember Jim Wood, who represents a large swath of California’s famed Emerald Triangle cannabis growing region, stated that the bill would also help to increase access to cannabis for consumers. “This is not about circumventing retailers, but growing the industry overall,” Wood said.

The bill still needs to be passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor in order to take effect. However, given the strong support it has received from both growers and consumers, observers believe that there is a good chance it will be passed. If enacted, this bill would provide small growers with a new way to make money and increase access to affordable cannabis for consumers.

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