94 Percent of Cali’s Cannabis Grows at Risk of Wildfire

Wildfires pose a serious danger to the majority of Californians and hundreds of thousands of acres continuously burning each summer across the state and sending smoke to hundreds of miles.

94 percent of Cali's cannabis farms at risk of wildfire
Image from Yahoo

However, Yahoo reported that a study conducted by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley discovers that the marijuana industry could be one of the highest risks in the event of wildfires, with 94 percent 100 percent of California’s farms situated in hotspots for fire.

The study reveals an increase in the issue as the recently legalized cannabis industry faces the reality of a warmer, more vulnerable to fire world, under the climate crisis.

“Our findings affirm that cannabis agriculture is geographically more threatened by wildfire than any other agricultural crop in California,” Christopher Dillis, an environmental scientist from UC Berkeley and lead author of the study, said.

The study assessed the risk of wildfire to cannabis in California with other crops. The results were released this month in Ecosphere.

Overall, they observed marijuana farms more likely located situated in “high” or “very high” zones of fire hazard severity compared to other plants they studied. Furthermore, the cannabis farms were close to areas that had seen wildfires erupt in the past five decades.

More than 25 % of the cannabis-growing regions were located in areas that, due to the current climate crisis, could either be new or resurging areas of wildfire over the next 80 years.

Other crops of California were also affected by wildfires including grapes. Wildfires are an ever-growing issue for the vintages of the state. They are now at risk of contamination from the smoke contaminating their wine.


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