Cannabis Study Shows Cannabis Use Not Connected to Loss of Motivation

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NORML reported that according to longitudinal data published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, teen marijuana use does not increase their risk of “Amotivational syndrome.”

During a recent research study, researchers affiliated with Florida International University analyzed the connection between cannabis use and motivation. The study involved 401 adolescents 14 to 17 years of age over two years.

The researchers reported that the adolescents’ cannabis use did not coincide with any significant changes in apathy, engagement, or motivation following the investigators’ control over the subjects’ alcohol and tobacco use, along with other potential confounders like age, depression, and sex.

The report highlights that “Despite significant increases in levels of cannabis use in our sample, change in cannabis use did not predict changes in motivation, which suggests that cannabis use may not lead to reductions in motivation over time.”

The study’s authors came to a conclusion as follows:

“Our findings do not support a relationship between cannabis use and reductions in motivation over time in a sample of adolescents at risk for escalation in cannabis use … The current study contributes to the extant literature by examining these associations longitudinally in a large sample of adolescent cannabis users while controlling for important and often overlooked confounds, including sex and depression … Future studies should continue to examine these associations longitudinally to determine whether heavier levels of cannabis use lead to reductions in motivation, and whether these reductions may be responsible for poorer educational and later life outcomes.”

Thus, despite the idea that cannabis use decreases motivation, this study highlights that this is a farce. This makes sense, especially when considering the fact that many motivated people are cannabis consumers.

For example, Michael Phelps, an Olympian swimmer who has won multiple gold medals, is known for being a cannabis consumer. We see time and time again that motivated people consume cannabis, so it should come as no surprise that this plant is not a negative influence on motivation.

Who is your favorite motivated cannabis consumer that combats the stereotype?

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