Cannabis-Themed Open House: Genius Idea Or Half-Baked Gimmick?

So as the cannabis industry continues budding with success, the chances for it to combine with other profitable industries are becoming more common. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that a weed-themed open house happened early this month.

Rodeo Realty combined efforts with Society Group PR as well as the Mota Group. They teamed up to offer what they claim is the first cannabis open house in history. But will it happen again?

The $3.5 million home is on the market in Los Angeles. During the open house, named “The Greenleaf Cannabis Laboratory,” cannabis-infused offerings were readily available to guests. These edibles included chocolates, gummies, kombucha cocktails, vape pens, and CBD cream massages. Throughout the home, the paraphernalia was plentiful, crafting the ultimate environment to hold an open house — or at least a stress- and worry-free environment with the herb taking center stage.

Even with recreational marijuana legal in Los Angeles for over a year, people were still nervous about the idea. Alexander Ali, the founder and CEO of Society Group PR, told Business Insider the following:

“So I said, let’s brand an entire house with cannabis. We’ll put cannabis plants in the MLS photos, we’ll have a trimming open house where brokers can get up close and personal with a cannabis plant and learn how to trim and cure it. And then we’ll throw a huge party where we have a bunch of cannabis activations from all these new brands and show people the evolution of cannabis.”

The Monday following this Friday event resulted in an offer on the house. Even with this success, some might speculate this is just a half-baked gimmick, but others believe the herb is capable of positively impacting a variety of industries.

How do you weigh in on cannabis being used to sell a home? Would you have a weed-themed open house?

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