Cannabis Treatment Seems To Become More Trendy For Pet Owners

As cannabis treatments become more accessible for people, it only makes sense that these pet owners will want to try something similar for their beloved best friends. The pet industry is continuously growing, and with cannabis treatments for pets an option, pet owners are now able to share their lifestyle choices.

In this article, we’ll touch upon the natural cannabis treatment options for pets being made available to furry companions throughout the nation.

Currently, more pet owners exist than ever before. And since they want the best for their pets, pet health and wellness are significant aspects of the pet care industry. With this market continually expanding, pet care is responsible for quite a lot of global spending.

As of 2019, pet food spending was at $30.3 billion, supplies and medicine spending accounted for $16 billion, and vet care was responsible for $18.1 billion. With so much money being spent on pet care, we can expect that the cannabis options for pets will add to these expenditures.

Millennials and baby boomers are interested in providing natural treatments for pets. And this, of course, includes cannabis for dogs and cats.

The truth of the matter is that CBD- and hemp-based products are gaining some traction in pet care. Hemp seeds, in particular, offer proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats to humans and pets. Some of the problems hemp can help with include:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight management
  • Inflammation management
  • Skin & heart health management
  • Arthritis assistance

As hemp-derived pet supplies become a viable option for pet owners across the globe, we can expect to see more of these natural products widely available. While there might be some complexities regarding the legality of these products, these companies will persevere, growing out of the “underdog” stage and becoming commonplace in this budding industry.

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