Does Using Cannabis After Work Impact Productivity? A New Study Says ‘No’

cannabis study productivity

Cannabis has been the go-to for musicians and artists interested in enhancing their creativity. But many believe that using cannabis could impact people in conventional lines of work. Now that cannabis is becoming legal in one way or another, this research has become essential.

In a recent study, researchers explored how cannabis use outside of work impacts productivity the following day. They analyzed how cannabis use at different times during the day affects peoples’ ability to finish assignments and fulfill their job requirements. They also checked how it impacts their behavior toward colleagues and their overall attitude toward their work.

The findings show that cannabis use did not impact any of the measures of workplace performance. However, as one might guess, when people consumed cannabis before and during work, they didn’t perform as well.

Using before or during work allowed cannabis to affect their tasks, concentration, and reduced their problem-solving capabilities. It also had a negative impact on “citizenship behavior” – the likelihood of someone to assist a colleague or work in a team.

Cannabis vs. Alcohol

Similar to alcohol, the way cannabis impacts a person’s ability to function varies by product.

The study doesn’t offer insight regarding the amount of cannabis the subjects consumed. This being the case, we do not know much about the point at which cannabis consumption begins to adversely impact performance. Regardless, the study challenges the common stereotype that cannabis users are lazy and lack motivation.

Research highlighting the impacts of alcohol on work performance has more data. It shows that drinking after work – particularly, heavily drinking – adversely affects work performance in a plethora of ways. Between reduced productivity, higher rates of missing work, poor relationships with colleagues, and inappropriate behavior, it’s safe to say that the limited cannabis productivity research puts the herb in a better light.

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