Cannabis Use For Seniors Taking Root & Budding!

As the states continue to legalize medical marijuana, cannabis for seniors is taking off — and it’s easy to see the appeal! With the numerous capabilities of this plant, the elderly have quite a lot to gain from using it.

One of the fastest growing components of the cannabis industry’s consumer base is aging Baby Boomers and older who are looking for ways to treat their aches, sleeplessness, and other problems associated with aging.

One registered nurse from the Halos Health clinic in Boulder, Colorado, Kelty Richardson, comments on her patients. She says, “I would say the average age of our customers is around 60, maybe even a little older.” The clinic she works at goes beyond providing medical examinations, distributing physician-recommended marijuana for the elderly with an online store.

The medical director of the clinic, Joseph Cohen, is known around the local senior living community for discussing the capabilities of cannabis. He conducts “Cannabis 101” seminars to provide some insight to the senior citizens looking for cannabis strains to ease their arthritic pain or improve upon their sleep.

Although there is a severe lack of scientific study clarifying how cannabis for aging people helps with certain issues, there is some evidence of chronic pain relief. Even with this being the case, there isn’t enough information to determine without a doubt that there is no risk to public health.

Some senior citizens are prescribed opioids for pain relief, but these prescription drugs aren’t always an ideal answer. Instead, the choice to eat a package of infused gummy candies has the potential to relieve pain without the adverse side effects of the prescription meds.

While cannabis for seniors is taking off, we still need more studies on the impacts. Even though it helps improve their quality of life, issues could arise if precautionary studies aren’t analyzed.

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