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We’re always receiving and answering questions and inquiries about our cannabis waste disposal services. So, we decided to offer an explanation about what we do, why we do it, and why we dispose of cannabis waste.

The cannabis industry can be a messy place. Marijuana waste runs rampant, and while you might not think of cannabis materials as hazardous waste, this space needs hazardous waste experts to handle proper disposal.

Stringent regulations from the Department of Cannabis Control demand that cannabis and related waste is properly handled. Whether it’s related to recreational marijuana or medical marijuana, this waste can create potential health issues.

Public health is a priority. And if marijuana waste could cause a problem, the California Department of Health would deem it hazardous waste.

But that’s not the case here. Cannabis waste is not hazardous.

Hazardous materials are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or radioactive. Cannabis waste, such as plant waste, is considered organic.

However, cannabis waste can be hazardous in certain scenarios. But that would be in cases that other materials, such as ethanol and/or solvents, are used.

Extracted biomass when used in an ethanol extraction process needs to be gassed off for 72 hours with a toxicity level of less than 0.1% to be under the safety threshold and hauled as cannabis waste.

That’s why in this post, we cover the ins and outs of the growing problem California cannabis operations face: cannabis waste management.

Curious about our solutions? Contact us now to find out how we can ensure your compliance in this budding space!

Cultivation Trimmings

What is Cannabis Waste?

Cannabis waste is the name given to all materials that have come into contact with cannabis. This can occur through grow operations, marijuana product production, manufacturing, retail, and other operations in the cannabis industry.

But other opportunities to produce cannabis waste exist. Types of cannabis waste include but aren’t limited to:

What is Cannabis Waste?

Cultivation Trimmings

Cultivation trimmings are the byproduct of growers. Some choose composting practices and live soil creation. However, for those who aren’t recycling the cannabis waste by composting, in-vessel digestion is a must.

cannabis growing medium removal

Cultivation Growing Medium

Growing medium used on a cannabis grow site is considered cannabis waste, too. For compliance with cannabis safety regulations, this byproduct must be handled appropriately.

used cannabis testing samples disposal

Used Testing Samples

Testing sites must abide by California’s regulations for compliance. Public safety is a priority here, and this waste must be rendered unrecognizable before disposal.

harvested marijuana plant disposal

Harvested, Used Plants

Harvested, used cannabis plants must be rendered unusable and unrecognizable. These operations must practice compliance to avoid costly infractions and possible closure.

Cannabis Packaging, Cartridges, or Products disposal

Cannabis Packaging, Cartridges, or Products

While it might seem like trash, packaging, cartridges, and products in the cannabis industry cannot simply go in a bin. If you have a cannabis retail operation, dispensary, or consumption lounge, proper handling is a must.

Unused or Leftover Oils or Extracts disposal

Unused or Leftover Oils or Extracts

Unused or leftover cannabis products cannot go in the trash. In compliance with cannabis laws, these cannabis byproducts must be made unusable and unrecognized as cannabis product.

Expired, Unused, or Leftover Edibles

Expired, Unused, or Leftover Edibles

As with all products made with cannabis, edibles cannot go in a bin. They must be rendered unrecognizable and unusable before going to the landfill.

Unused or Leftover Marijuana Flower disposal

Unused or Leftover Marijuana Flower

Cannabis can go bad, and leftover or unused marijuana flower also cannot get tossed in the trash can. To ensure public safety, this cannabis product must be made unrecognizable and incapable of being used.

cannabis waste removal truck

EcoWaste Cannabis Waste Management Solutions

Cannabis Waste Solutions for Cultivation

Cannabis Waste Solutions for Cultivation

Cannabis growers create plenty of waste. From trimmings to cultivation growing medium, it all belongs in a secured waste receptacle and needs proper disposal.

Marijuana Waste Handling for Dispensaries

Marijuana Waste Handling for Dispensaries

The retail process involves various cannabis products, and all of them come with disposable packaging. From plastic bottles with plastic caps to joint tubes and unused byproducts, California regulations in place demand each business adhere to waste compliance standards.

Cannabis Waste Management for Extract/Manufacturing

Cannabis Waste Management for Extract/Manufacturing

On the other hand, extract and manufacturing facilities also produce hazardous material that needs disposing of. And it can’t simply be sent to a landfill. The unusable byproduct and waste cannabis must be disposed of in accordance with California laws.

Ganja Waste Solutions for Testing Labs

Ganja Waste Solutions for Testing Labs

Every testing lab site facility must remain in compliance with California’s regulations about how waste is disposed of. Each business must

Cannabis Waste Management for Delivery & Distribution

Cannabis Waste Management for Delivery & Distribution

Delivery and distribution operations also need waste management services. The byproducts of these businesses must be rendered unusable before going to a permitted landfill.

Cannabis Waste Solutions for Events

Cannabis Waste Solutions for Events

The resulting mixture of cannabis byproduct and packaging needs to be handled in accordance with Cali’s regulatory demands. The rules are there for the safety of others, and for every business operating in cannabis, it’s not as simple as recycling or disposing of waste in landfills.

Other EcoWaste Cannabis Waste Management Services

EcoWaste helps cannabusinesses with waste management solutions. From start to finish, we’re ready to enhance your operation and maintain compliance every step of the way.

Here’s how we’re helping cannabis businesses handle their waste while adhering to all regulations:

Create a Cannabis Waste Management Plan

Creating a cannabis byproduct management plan involves a thorough investigation of your operation. Identification of cannabis byproducts, compliance with regulatory best practices for any location, and the creation of a waste management system capable of following all these aspects is crucial to success.

Cannabis Byproduct Disposal

Once you’ve created a plan, every area must be equipped with storage containers for both authorized and unauthorized materials. Depending on the size of your business, these waste receptacles must be clearly labeled and well organized.

Cannabis Waste Collection from Business Locations

Whether from cultivation, distribution, or testing facilities, cannabis byproducts must be collected. This involves the proper labeling of collection containers, as well as clearly marked vehicles to transport waste products to an authorized center.

Cannabis Waste Disposal FAQ

Is cannabis hazardous waste?

Yes and No. Cannabis waste is typically considered non-hazardous waste. However, if the cannabis material to be disposed of has come into contact with a hazardous substance then it will be classified as a hazardous waste. There are multiple agencies outside of the newly formed Department of Cannabis Control that regulate hazardous waste.

Is cannabis waste disposal a state requirement?

Yes, California state law requires appropriate disposing of cannabis byproducts and packaging.

Is cannabis waste a part of track and trace?

Yes, it is. Cali requires that all cannabusinesses apply a UID label on every item of waste generated. This ensures the individual product’s history remains clear to regulators.

Do I need to make my cannabis waste unusable and unrecognizable?

Yes, cannabis waste needs to be made impossible to use or recognize. This means mixing byproducts with water, oils, or other material capable of disturbing the product to the point that it cannot be used.

Can I throw cannabis waste into the dumpster?

No, cannabis waste cannot be thrown into a dumpster or sent off to a proper designation. Disposing of these products and byproducts must follow state regulations that protect the environment and individuals.

Does EcoWaste provide a waste management plan?

Yes, we can provide a waste management plan to guarantee your compliance in this budding space! We provide excellent service with tracking every step of the way.

Interested in learning more about our solutions? Contact us now to find out how we can ensure your compliance!

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