What Is a Cannabis Waste Manifest?

A cannabis waste manifest is documentation that proves your marijuana business is following the Bureau of Cannabis Control Regulations along with the regulations from other governing agencies.


What Does The Cannabis Waste Manifest Show?

  • Your company information.
  • Our company information.
  • Date and time of cannabis waste collection.
  • Date and time of cannabis waste disposal.
  • Weight of cannabis waste at collection and disposal.
  • Serial number of secured receptacle (that we provide) that holds the cannabis waste.


Where Do I Get a Cannabis Waste Manifest From?

As your cannabis waste disposal company we provide you with the manifest after each collection via email. It’s part of our manifest system, or client portal, which you as our client have full access to. The system automatically generates and stores your manifest after each collection.

Once your cannabis waste has been disposed of, you’ll receive another email with the updated data reflected.


Does My Cannabis Waste Manifest Get Reported?

We do not send reports to any governing agencies at this time. If a governing agency requests manifests from us we will comply per California State law.

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