CBD-Dominant Cannabis Associated with Reduction in Alcohol Consumption

CBD-Dominant Cannabis Associated with Reduction in Alcohol Consumption

The world of cannabis is changing. More and more people are realizing that CBD-heavy strains offer a variety of benefits, including reduced alcohol consumption. A recent study published in Psychology of Addictive Behavior found that those who used CBD-dominant cannabis drank fewer drinks per drinking day, had fewer alcohol use days, and had fewer co-use days with alcohol than the other groups. This information may be helpful to people looking for ways to cut down on their drinking habits or abstain from them completely.

To test the idea that CBD-dominant cannabis can help with reducing alcohol intake, researchers analyzed cannabis use in 120 subjects and compared CBD-heavy strain use with THC-heavy and a combination of the two. The results highlight CBD-dominant cannabis users “drank fewer drinks per drinking day, had fewer alcohol use days, and fewer alcohol and cannabis co-use days compared with the other groups.” The subjects that used THC/CBD cannabis or solely THC cannabis didn’t experience a reduction in alcohol intake, nor did they alter their drinking patterns.

“Conflicting evidence exists regarding the effects of cannabis on alcohol consumption, with some studies suggesting that cannabis is a substitute for alcohol, whereas others suggest that cannabis complements alcohol, thereby increasing drinking. Cannabidiol (CBD) has shown preclinical promise in decreasing alcohol consumption,” the researchers said. “This study explores the effects of cannabis containing different potencies of CBD and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on alcohol consumption.”

The researchers also believe that their study’s results showing a reduction in alcohol intake are “consistent with preclinical work suggesting that CBD may be associated with decreased alcohol consumption.” Studies conducted in the past analyze CBD in comparison to opiates, tobacco, heroin, and other substances, showcasing comparable results.

Through this study, the researchers found preliminary support to the idea that plant-based CBD could decrease alcohol consumption for regular cannabis users. It also highlights that it could be possible for regular cannabis consumers to change their cannabis intake to higher CBD strains with lower THC content if they’d like to decrease alcohol intake.

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