Can CBD Help Manage Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

cannabis ocd symptoms

A study conducted by researchers at Washington State University found that some cannabis users could obtain short-term relief from OCD symptoms. However, more research is essential.

While some might suggest they have OCD during conversations, this is actually a rather serious condition. This condition is characterized by the person feeling compelled to perform repetitive actions. It’s also common for people with OCD to have obsessive thought patterns.

At this point, the treatment usually includes psychological therapy and conventional medications. But some people have tried turning to unconventional treatments, including cannabis. There’s not a lot of information on the short-term effects of cannabis on OCD symptoms in humans. With this being the case, researchers Carrie Cuttler, Dakota Mauzay, and Emily M. LaFrance conducted this research.

During their research, these researchers analyzed data from 87 subjects who were using the Strainprint app. This application lets medical cannabis patients track changes in their symptoms depending on the doses and strains of cannabis they’re using.

The analysis highlighted that patients reported 60% fewer compulsions, 49% fewer unwanted thoughts, and 52% less anxiety after inhaling cannabis. They also found that cannabis with higher CBD concentrations and doses resulted in more significant compulsion reduction. 

The study also showed that later cannabis use sessions offered less relief. This could point to tolerance playing a role in how cannabis impacts OCD symptoms.

As we uncover more information about how cannabidiol could alleviate OCD symptoms, we must remember that at this point, the evidence is anecdotal. With this in mind, don’t use cannabis to treat any disorder or disease without first speaking to your doctor.

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