How to Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary for your needs

Knowing how to choose the right cannabis dispensary the first time around isn’t always an option. Each legal cannabis state has its own set of restrictive laws that regulate dispensaries. These laws make it challenging to reach consumers, especially when considering the federal-level ban on cannabis products.

So how to choose a dispensary when there’s so much working against this industry?

While these operations cannot advertise in most public spaces, they can do things that set them apart from the competition. Even though these business operators cannot promote their products through mass media unless it’s a verifiably adult-oriented market like Cali, some dispensaries exhibit qualities that are important to consider.

Here’s what to consider as you’re picking the right cannabis dispensary to cover your needs:

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary by checking location for cannabis dispensary near me

1. Location, Location, Location!

Driving to the middle of nowhere is likely not on your to-do list. This is why it’s crucial to consider the location of your dispensary.

Convenience is usually the most important consideration. Whether you’re purchasing for medicinal or recreational use, having easy access to these products is always ideal. This is why convenience, parking availability, and proximity play such a significant role in choosing the right cannabis dispensary.

Some dispensaries open near busy commercial districts because it’s convenient for potential consumers. As these consumers leave work, it’s the perfect chance to pick up some flower or oil on their way home.

Since state regulations keep dispensaries away from some ideal locations, sometimes, it takes a bit of creativity to find the perfect spot. Dispensaries usually aren’t allowed within 500 to 1,000 feet of schools and other similar institutions. However, some local laws have stricter demands, making it difficult for dispensaries to open in some areas.

You’ve likely typed “dispensary near me” or “dispensaries near me” into Google. If you have a few close by, explore your options. However, sometimes, it’s worth taking a drive to find a dispensary offering high-quality cannabis. That is, unless the dispensary offers delivery, of course.

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary that offers delivery services

2. Does the Dispensary Offer Delivery?

While a dispensary next door is convenient, some dispensaries go the extra mile – pun intended – to offer delivery. This is a good sign that the dispensary operator cares about making cannabis more accessible.

Fast and easy delivery straight to your residence is perfect for couch-locked days. You choose what you want online. Then, a driver brings it directly to you. You’ll have to be present to accept the delivery so the driver can check your ID and have you sign for the goods, but this is a straightforward process some dispensaries implement.

Perhaps the dispensary near you doesn’t offer delivery. In some cases, you can pre-order your products to ensure you’re not stuck waiting in line or scouring the shelves inside. The quick and simple “in and out” experience this service offers is the next best thing compared to delivery.

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary that offers high-quality cannabis products

3. The Quality of the Product

Is there anything worse than picking up and realizing you’ve purchased low-quality herb after the fact? We hope not, but with this in mind, it’s always best practice to determine which dispensary offers the highest quality cannabis products. Defining cannabis quality isn’t so simple, but some characteristics make some shops’ products more appealing than others.

Cannabis consumers might find it challenging to explain their preferences. But some commonalities exist between most consumers in their descriptions of shoddy product.

The most common issue is flower that’s dry and seedy. This usually translates to dwindling cannabinoid content that defines low-grade cannabis flower.

Medical-grade cannabis is usually of higher quality. However, MMJ patients relying on these products to treat various symptoms can usually tell the difference if the products are sub-par.

While some dispensaries are creating their own products, they also tend to stock their shelves with other brands. If the other products are from unrecognizable brands, this could be a sign that the dispensary doesn’t care about product quality. But if they’re carrying a wide assortment of high-quality products from trusted brands, you may have found the right cannabis dispensary.

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary by checking reviews on WeedMaps

4. Check the Reviews

To ensure you’re choosing the right dispensary, make sure to check the reviews – specifically, on WeedMaps. If the dispensary has a solid reputation and incredible reviews, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need on-site.

But what, specifically, should you look for in the reviews section of the business’s listing?

Information like the quality of the products, knowledge of the staff, and the options offered will likely be included in the reviews. By learning about other consumers’ experiences, you’ll gain insight into what you can expect while shopping at the dispensary.

To get even more of a feel for how the business operates, you can also check out its website for more information. If the dispensary has a website, you’ll likely find information on their approach to cultivating and selling cannabis. You can use this information as a guide for choosing the right dispensary to purchase from long-term.

Choose the Right Cannabis Dispensary by shopping for and trying the products for yourself

5. Shop for & Test the Products

Experience each dispensary in your area to determine which one suits you best. And remember: feel free to call beforehand if you have any questions, especially if you’re new to the industry and looking for more information.


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