Does Consuming Cannabis Help You Exercise?

consuming cannabis help you exercise

Cannabis is not a renowned workout supplement. In fact, most people believe that the average cannabis user is a couch potato who wastes time and never works out.

But a recent study published by a team from the University of Colorado shows that 81.7% of cannabis users work out. According to this study, cannabis enthusiasts who live in the states that legalized recreational use consume cannabis shortly before or after a workout.

So, does consuming cannabis help you exercise? Let’s find out.

The Study

Out of the 600 study participants, 81.7% said they use cannabis within one hour before their workout or up to four hours after. And that’s not all. 67% admitted to consuming cannabis before and after their exercise.

52% of the study participants said cannabis heightened their exercise motivation. 70% claimed cannabis increased their enjoyment of exercise, and 78% said it boosted their physical recovery after a workout.

How Cannabis Helps You Exercise

You might be wondering how cannabis might help people exercise. Well, cannabis can be really beneficial for athletes an here’s why:

1.     Cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects

Cannabinoids are renowned for their anti-inflammatory effects. Both THC and CBD could be considered novel anti-inflammatory drugs. But cannabis is also rich in terpenoids.

Terpenoids are aromatic compounds found in plants. Studies have shown that cannabis terpenoids produce anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike CBD, which could be used to treat chronic inflammation, terpenoids produce a brief effect that might be more suitable to relieve acute inflammation.

The combined effects of cannabinoids and terpenoids might be exactly what your muscles need to dampen the pain after a difficult workout session. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis might shorten your recovery time after exercise.

2.     Get the Runner’s High Before You Start Running

A runner’s high is a sense of well-being some people experience after working out. Long-distance runners often say that they can’t feel any discomfort during their runs thanks to this high.

Until recently, scientists believed that your body produces endorphins when you work out, which in turn produce the runner’s high. But recent studies show that the runner’s high is closely linked to the cannabinoid receptors present in the brain.

When you consume cannabis, you activate the same receptors in the brain. So by consuming cannabis before your workout, you might experience the running high before you start running.

3.     Cannabis Lowers Your Anxiety

Some people feel anxious when they exercise, especially if they’re going to a new gym or if they started a new training regimen. Cannabis can lower your anxiety, which could help you exercise.

Consuming cannabis might calm your nerves, allowing you to focus on your form and repetitions. Some people also say that consuming cannabis before endurance exercises keeps them from getting monotonous.

Ultimately, Can Cannabis Help You Exercise?

Although cannabis can help you exercise, it can also lower your strength. The World Anti‐Doping Agency (WADA) includes cannabis on its list of prohibited substances. However, WADA doesn’t include cannabis on that list because it’s a performance-enhancing drug, but because it can lower the athletes’ motor coordination, which might lead to more injuries.

In conclusion, cannabis could help you exercise, but it might be safer to consume it after your workout.

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