Counterfeit Cannabis Vape Cartridges Is a Serious Issue

Counterfeit Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Like many successful mainstream industry brands, counterfeit products are starting to surface throughout the cannabis industry. But while a knockoff Rolex watch or Louis Vuitton handbag is going to impact the companies’ sales, imitation ingestible products pose more severe threats.

Losing sales is terrible, and bad publicity can damage a company’s reputation. But companies in China counterfeiting vape cartridges is a danger to consumers. And for cannabis vape cartridge distributors like Mammoth Distribution, the problem is a threat that cannot be taken lightly.

Hannah Davis, chief marketing officer for Los Angeles-based Mammoth Distribution, is quoted saying, “There are unlicensed shops in California selling this product at a lower price.” She goes on to state, “This could be potentially unsafe to consumers… buying thinking that they’re getting a better deal from these unlicensed shops.”

The Chinese manufacturers are taking known brand logos and distributing them through wholesale websites like Ali Baba. With this branded packaging, third parties can fill the empty cartridges with their cannabis oil and distribute them illegally.

With so many unlicensed shops predated the state’s regulated market, it’s easy to distribute the phony cartridges. These cartridges lack the proper testing and can contain toxic pesticides, making them dangerous to both the consumers using them and the company the cartridges are imitating.

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