Dank Danger: Distributors Working To Bypass Cannabis Testing


Since cannabis has become totally legal in California, regulation is running rampant throughout the industry. This is making cannabis consumption more safe for the buys at the sellers’ cost.

State-licensed labs are now testing for chemical containment. Pesticide and fungicide use is forcing a new level of regulation to the cannabis industry that some sellers are looking to skip. These new forms of testing and regulation are aiming to reshape the industry, giving sellers reason to worry.

For example, Cannalysis lab in Santa Ana has scientists and lab technicians analyzing cannabis for 66 types of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides. With the law requiring licensed cannabis distributors to test cannabis with rigor, entire crops can fail state regulation. When this occurs, the herb must be destroyed, diminishing the returns on investment these distributors were hoping for.

Most recently, one lab was shut down by the state. The lab had been intentionally ignoring the pesticides found in the cannabis, allowing it to be sold to consumers through dispensaries. With the fact of the matter being some labs might be allowing tainted buds to be sold on the market in an effort to drive more business, the problem of distributors bypassing cannabis testing persists.

Some side effects of contaminated cannabis include nausea, headaches, and other symptoms.

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