Do Cannabis Consumers Prefer Brownies, Candies, or Gummies?

Do Cannabis Consumers Prefer Brownies, Candies, or Gummies?

The cannabis edibles industry is blowing up. Edibles are bound to be worth more than $4.1 billion by 2022, a spectacular leap from the $1 billion they were worth back in 2017. Cannabis edibles are discreet, portable, and often more potent than other products, so their popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise.

But do American consumers have favorites or do all edibles sell well?  Do American consumers prefer brownies, candies, or gummies?


Gummies Are Still the Best-Selling Cannabis Edibles

Everyone loves gummies for different reasons, but most consumers agree that they taste good, are easy to consume and allow you to accurately portion your doses.

All edibles taste good and have precise doses. That’s why people eat them in the first place. But the thing about gummies is that they help you portion and control your cannabinoid intake. If a pack of 10 gummies contains 100 mg of THC, you know for certain that eating two means you’ll consume 20 mg of THC.

Now, a cannabis drink might also contain 100 mg of THC, but there’s no accurate way to control your cannabis intake without using measuring tools. And that’s one of the reasons gummies sell so well.

Another reason is that gummies come in a lot of different flavors, so most consumers can find one they’ll love. Most gummies usually cost around $20, so they’re also relatively cheap.

Insights updated on the 26th of February, 2020 show that gummies were the best-selling edible products in California, Nevada, Colorado, and Washington.


The Popularity of Cannabis Brownies Is Dropping

For decades, pot brownies were the go-to products for cannabis enthusiasts looking for edibles. But once the edibles market diversified, the popularity of cannabis brownies started to drop.

Now, cannabis brownies will always attract certain consumers, but brownies saw small growth in 2018, compared to the edibles industry as a whole. Between January and August 2018, the sales of brownies increased by 8 percent. That’s good, but it’s nothing compared to the 24 percent increase witnessed by the edible industry.

And that trend seems to continue to this day. People are still eating pot brownies, but not as frequently as they eat gummies or candies.


Candy Sales Are Growing

Cannabis chocolate bars sales suffer year-over-year declines, so you might think that cannabis chocolate is not as popular as it once was. But people are still buying a lot of cannabis-infused chocolate, albeit in the form of truffles, chocolate boxes, and others.

Cannabis-infused chocolate, alongside caramels, mints, sour drops, and other types of candy, represented about 15 percent of US cannabis sales in 2018.


Gummies Top Consumer Preferences but The Future Is Uncertain

At the moment, cannabis gummies top consumer preferences. They are by far the most popular edibles people buy. But cannabis gummies might not be the leading edibles for much longer because cannabis drinks are becoming more popular.

World-renowned corporations such as Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, and more invested massively in creating their own cannabis drinks, and they will put in a lot of money in selling those products.

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