FBI Investigation Of Corruption In The U.S. Cannabis Industry Underway

With potential corruption impacting the U.S. cannabis industry, the FBI is looking for the violations.

FBI spokeswoman Mollie Halpern is quoted as saying the following in a podcast the FBI release Thursday, “As an increasing number of states change their marijuana legislation, the FBI is seeing a public corruption threat emerge in the expanding cannabis industry.”

She went on to say, “States require licenses to grow and sell the drug — opening the possibility for public officials to become susceptible to bribes in exchange for those licenses.”

With this being the case, she is urging the podcast listeners to reach out to local FBI field offices if they feel that a dispensary is operating illegally or some form of public corruption within the cannabis industry is occurring.

According to supervisory Special Agent Regino Chavez, the FBI knows that some marijuana business licenses are being sold for quite the price tag, with some of them going for as high as $500,000. Thus, this is showing just how problematic corruption can be for the emerging industry.

This knowledge has the FBI investigating cannabis industry corruption to weed out the pay-to-play situations. While some officials might be willing to dish out business licenses for profit, the FBI is attempting to deplete corruption as it’s an ongoing issue in California for many entrepreneurs.

How do you feel about the pay-to-play atmosphere coming with marijuana industry corruption? Do you think entrepreneurs should be allowed to push bribes to get their licensing? Or is this a misuse of money and a violation of the regulatory practices the government is putting in place?

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