Fed-Funded Research to Analyze Cannabis Cancer Treatment Efficacy

Marijuana Moment reported that the federal government is encouraging researchers to analyze the risks and benefits of using marijuana to treat cancer with funding.

Cannabis products are popular among cancer patients for managing various symptoms. But research into the potential harms and benefits of cannabis remains limited. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) claims that 25 percent of cancer patients report that they’re using cannabis and related products for symptom management – including nausea, pain, and anorexia. However, “research about their health effects, including potential harms and benefits, remain limited.”

NIH claims that the current information from epidemiological studies covering this topic has “yielded limited and inconsistent results.” For instance, even though marijuana smoke might contain harmful constituents, it still has not directly connected to an increased risk of lung cancer.

NIH said, “studies of other cancer types have shown no or inconsistent association with cannabis use, but these data are limited.” This is why it’s seeking studies that could reveal interesting cannabis-related findings like:

  • Impact of exogenous cannabis and cannabinoids on cancer development
  • Influence of endogenous cannabinoid pathways on cancer development and biology
  • Cannabis and cannabinoid effects on cancer treatment
  • Cannabis and cannabinoid use in cancer interception
  • Cannabis and cannabinoid mechanisms that may alleviate cancer and cancer treatment symptoms
  • The impact of cannabis and cannabinoids combine with other factors and how this impacts cancer treatment, biology, and symptom management.
  • Cannabis and cannabinoid impact on cancer biology, treatment or symptom management using human-relevant model systems
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