The United States’ First Cannabis Cafe Comes To West Hollywood

Lowell Cafe will be bringing a unique experience to West Hollywood next month. The company is set to open the first cannabis cafe in the United States on October 1st. 

California already has a few cannabis lounges, including Barbary Coast and Urban Pharm, both in San Francisco. Smoking cannabis in public is illegal in California. Smoke lounges provide a space where cannabis smokers can safely partake. But Lowell Cafe will introduce a whole new element to the California cannabis landscape, allowing enthusiasts the opportunity to use cannabis products on-site as well as dine and enjoy a communal experience—something a smoke lounge just doesn’t offer.

The cafe will offer a curated fresh food menu where customers can order mac and cheese bites, fried chicken, and dessert plates. The cafe also plans to sell cannabis flower and edibles, and will allow guests to rent smoking equipment and let patrons roll their own joints. They’ll also have “flower hosts” on site who will roll joints for guests.

Lowell Cafe has already started taking reservations. In an interview, the restaurant’s director, Kevin Brady, mentioned he has been getting reservations from patrons from as far as Tokyo and Russia. 

While the cafe is generating plenty of buzz, they have hit a small snag. There isn’t a state health regulation permitting cannabis infused foods being sold in restaurants. At the moment, they’re still trying to figure out how to sell fresh food infused with cannabis without skirting the law. For now, guests will have to consume their mac and cheese bites and cannabis separately.

Lowell Cafe will be opening on October 1st at 1201 N. La Bera Ave in West Hollywood. The cafe will be open from 10 AM to 10 PM. Lowell Cafe is currently accepting reservations, so get a spot while you can. 

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