FL Couple Married at Dispensary – Could Cannabis at Weddings Become the Norm?

cannabis wedding

Love remains ‘highly’ active during the pandemic, and one Southwest Florida couple in Cape Coral got hitched at a dispensary. Of all places to tie the knot, a dispensary is probably not the strangest. But this certainly isn’t a common wedding venue choice.

Jerica and Jason Cole exchanged their vows surrounded by infused products that have helped them overcome so much. The two met while Jason fought for his life; he had cancer and had been using medical cannabis to assist him while he was going through harsh treatments.

Jason’s now-wife, Jerica, is also a medical cannabis patient. She has stood by him throughout his battle with cancer. With cannabis playing such a significant role in their lives, the idea to get married in a dispensary seems perfect.

On Friday, July 10, the couple was wed at Columbia Care Dispensary. While marriage in a dispensary might seem out of place or taboo to some, cannabis weddings are growing increasingly popular.

Some wedding planners are now offering to plan cannabis-themed weddings. The idea is also gaining some traction with popular wedding blogs like Wedding Wire publishing articles like “How to Serve Weed at Your Wedding.”

Earlier this year, Fortune even published a write-up on how couples are including cannabis at their weddings. In this article, the author discusses how cannabis consumption at weddings isn’t as outlandish as some might believe. Edibles can be included in the goodie bags, and some couples are even opting to have a fresh bud bar.

So will “first toke” replace the first kiss? For some couples, it might!

Some may even decide to take a dab before saying “I do!”

Whether you decide to have some Wedding Cake before your wedding cake or prefer another strain, the option to have an elegant wedding with cannabis could become commonplace in the not-too-distant future.

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