Cannabis Waste Questions

1. What is cannabis waste?

Cannabis Waste is any material, that is not hazardous, that has made contact with cannabis or contains cannabis. Any marijuana product that is no longer to be used must be designated as cannabis waste. For example: trimmings, extracts, oils, edibles, etc. Learn more about Cannabis Waste.

Hazardous Cannabis Waste: Cannabis waste can be considered hazardous material if it has come into contact with chemicals, toxicity, flammable solvents, and so on. To learn more about hazardous waste materials, and if your cannabis waste is classified as hazardous please contact us directly.

2. Is it cannabis waste disposal a state requirement?

Yes. Regulated by the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC), California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), California Department of Health (CDPH) and by your local municipality. It is required of any business that conducts cannabis activities must properly manage and dispose of cannabis waste. This includes: dispensaries, cultivators, testing labs, distributors, or other micro-business licensees. Learn more about the Cannabis Waste Regulations In California.

3. Is cannabis waste a part of track and trace?

Yes, all cannabis waste needs to be properly documented and you must keep accurate and organized records. As a part of the track-and-trace procedures we provide you with a electronic manifest that records the weight, date and time of both collection and deposit, all accessible to you through our online portal.

4. Do I need to make my cannabis waste unusable and unrecognizable?

Yes. Per the regulations set forth by the BCC, CDFA, and CDPH, all cannabis by product must be rendered into cannabis waste before it is hauled away from your cannabis operation. Read the state regulations.

5. Does EcoWaste provide a waste management plan?

Yes! Every client receives a thorough and in-depth Service Operating Procedure (SOP) or in other words a cannabis waste management plan that outlines the entire process. You will be able to use the SOP for all your licensing applications.

6. Do I receive a manifest?

Yes! After every service we perform you will receive a digital manifest via email that you can also access through your client portal. Learn more about Cannabis Waste Manifesting.

7. How often does cannabis waste have to be disposed?

Every operation is different. Depending on the scale of your operation you could have monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or every twice-weekly collections. Our policy is to perform a collection once every 30 days to ensure that your operation is in compliance and provide a manifest that verifies yours waste volume.

8. What happens to the cannabis waste after it is collected?

Once your cannabis waste is collected by us per our waste management plan (SOP) the waste is transported to a licensed facility that either composts organic materials such as, but not limited to, flower, trim, stalk, stems, etc. or disposes the waste as solids in a landfill as required by the state cannabis regulations and public resources code.

General Questions

1. When can we get started?

The first step to begin your cannabis waste service with us is to get a free consultation! Education is critical and we want to be sure to pass insight as best as we can. Afterwards we’ll send you our agreement via DocuSign to complete so that we can create your account. Next, one of our staff members will coordinate the delivery of your first container(s) and schedule you into the calendar.

2. What are your hours of operation?

Our office hours:

Mon. – Fri. 9am – 5pm

Sat. – Sun. Closed

3. Are there any setup fees?

We do not have any setup fees or require any deposits.

4. Where can I find the CA regulations for cannabis?

You can visit this page to find all the California State Cannabis Regulations. Also our resources page could be useful.

5. Do you need to have a license for cannabis waste disposal?

A license or permit for cannabis waste disposal does not currently exist. If cannabis is be transported as “cannabis” or “cannabis goods” before it is rendered as cannabis waste then a distribution license is required from the BCC. Contact us if you would like to see an email confirmation from the BCC.

6. What day will my waste be collection from my location?

Collection schedules are based on your account and the weekly route. Our system automatically recognizes the most efficient collection order and schedules accounts accordingly. The routes are optimized weekly and your location may not always be serviced on the exact same week day. To learn more you can contact us or login to your client portal to see your calendar.

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