How to Make Your METRC Data Matter: Outspoke

Outspoke Metrc Software Marketing

Make Compliance Work for Cannabis

It’s time to make compliance work for cannabis businesses. That really isn’t a far-fetched idea. Often seen as one of the most laborious parts of the legal cannabis industry, adhering to compliant standards is no easy task for cannabis supply chains. However, what if cannabis companies could leverage compliance data to enhance their business practice and advantage in the marketplace? The solution is already here: Outspoke.


Outspoke: A METRC-Oriented Solution

Outspoke is a data-driven environment for licensed cannabis operators that repurposes their METRC data into tools for enhancing inventory visibility and supply management. METRC data has always been used by regulators to trace the movement of legal cannabis. However, there’s immense value in expanding the functionality of the data into an accessible utility for industry stakeholders.


Tools for The Entire Supply Chain

Outspoke’s platform is furnished with a marketplace of licensed business operators throughout the supply chain. Upon signup, your METRC packages are instantly synchronized into the platform and are ready for you to activate in the marketplace. You can then send or download customized sales sheets of your inventory. Outspoke even offers a communication interface for sending inventory requests to other licensed operators. And we’re just getting started – more groundbreaking integrations are on the horizon.


Outspoke Empowers All Stakeholders

Outspoke empowers business autonomy and decision-making while also the enhancing existing and necessary supply partnerships. Streamlined productivity strengthens strategic processes, resulting in greater ROI for all supply partnerships. Best of all, licensed operators remain in full compliance while using the platform. As a low-cost CRM that is currently free to use until June 15th – and that will remain 10 time cheaper than comparable solutions – Outspoke is the technology that makes your METRC data matter beyond compliance alone.


If you’re interested in getting a brief overview, feel free to check Outspoke’s latest demo. We’ll also be hosting a webinar on June 4th that goes into the competitive value of METRC and data-driven solutions. The toolkit for enhancing your ROI and empowering your partnerships is right around the corner. Get connected to Outspoke.

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