How to Promote Your Dispensary on Instagram

How to Promote Your Dispensary on Instagram

Learning how to promote your dispensary on Instagram can boost your sales and increase your following. Instagram is the third most popular social media network after Facebook and Youtube, with over one billion monthly users.

But while Facebook and Youtube attract more users, Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media channels. Young adults – the target audience of most cannabis businesses – use Insta on a daily basis, so promoting your dispensary there can help you reach more people.

In addition, 54% of Instagram users say they purchased something after seeing it on Insta, so the followers you gain can certainly convert into paying customers.

So how can you use Instagram to promote your dispensary? Read onward!


1.     Discover Your Brand Identity

Your cannabis dispensary should have a specific identity. This will allow you to stand out from your competitors. It’s what will make you unique and attractive.

Ask yourself a simple question: what makes your dispensary different? What are your core values? What should your customers feel when they think about your brand? Do you want to be funny, laid back, holistic, energetic, sarcastic, or something else entirely?

People do business with brands they trust. And you earn people’s trust when your brand speaks to them and creates a bond. Your Insta posts should help you build and promote that narrative.

A brand identity will attract certain customers and will repel others. But that’s all right because you don’t have to captivate everyone, only your target demographic.

2.     Know Your Customer and Speak To Them

One of the basic rules of marketing says that you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone. It’s always better to identify your ideal customers and to tailor your marketing efforts to their needs and wants.

For example, let’s take three kinds of cannabis users who might want to shop at your dispensary: the stoner, the medical user, and the Gen X-er.

The stoner probably won’t care that some of your products might be helpful for glaucoma or epilepsy. The medical user might not be interested in learning why a certain product is great for parties. And the Gen X-er might not enjoy following a business that encourages people to wake and bake.

Now, this is a forced generalization for the sake of the argument, but you get the gist of it. You should identify your ideal customers so you can match your marketing messages to their world views and interests. Naturally, this has to align with your brand identity.

3.     Create Content That Is Enjoyable To See

Instagram is a predominantly a visual social media network, so your marketing campaign should focus on visual storytelling. Try to use authentic images and stories whenever you can. Include videos in your marketing efforts as much as possible as well.

But one of the things that’s often more important than videos and authentic images is using a consistent color scheme. Your online identity shouldn’t feature Rastafari colors one day and switch to another scheme the next. That will only create confusion among your followers.

That being said, you can alternate your theme every 12 posts so long as it correlates with one another and doesn’t transition off your brand identity. In simple terms, keep your gram pretty.

4.     Utilize Educational Content

An Instagram survey showed that 51 % of users want to see informative content from the brands they follow. And this is especially important for cannabis dispensaries.

Recreational cannabis has been legal for a short time, and a lot of people are still looking for information online. And there’s another reason why informative content can help.

Instagram users despise shameless self-promotion. Making every post about your business will convince a lot of people to click the “unfollow” button. In fact, some dispensaries never use Insta to self-promote and they still attract a massive following.

And the great thing about educational content is that it usually attracts all kinds of cannabis users.

Educational content can help you reach new customers, but it can also convince your followers that you’re not a money-seeking company that only cares about its profits.

Use these elements to promote your dispensary successfully on Instagram. Remember to make sure your Instagram posts are always compliant. If you do that, stay true to your company values, and post original content regularly, the results will not fail to appear.

Victor is a writer, digital marketer and gif-lover. He writes about cannabis, health & wellness, marketing, and more.

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