How to Properly Handle Your Cannabis Waste

Cannabis waste is a growing problem in the industry. With the cannabis market boom, more and more cannabis waste is becoming available. Many cannabis growers don’t know how to properly dispose of cannabis waste. But fear not! While many do not consider what to do with their waste, there are experts out there who do.

When one gets into the cannabis industry, the last thing they usually think about is waste. There are so many other stressful aspects to the cannabis industry. For one, until banking regulations change, you will pretty much have to work with only cash. And lets not forget the hundreds of laws and regulations that you need to follow. With all of these stressful thoughts, many in the industry rarely think about waste.

But cannabis waste is something you will have to worry about, either now or later. When the issue comes up, being prepared to properly handle it is crucial!

Just like other crops, not all parts of the cannabis plant are used in production. In fact, there are a lot of leftover stalks after a harvest. But unlike crops like wheat, the stalks cannot just be thrown out. Due to regulations, cannabis waste is basically treated like medical waste. That means you need a professional to handle this for you. Handling this yourself is something that could cost you a lot of money and precious time.

The best and most affordable way to handle any cannabis waste is to get a waste management operator or company to handle this process for you. Handling cannabis waste on your own is not a plausible idea. With all of the money and tools you will need to do so, it would be much more affordable to get a company to do this for you.

Cost is not the only benefit to hiring a waste solution company. By not having to handle this process yourself, you will save precious time. In the cannabis industry, every minute counts. With a fast changing industry, it is important to stay on top.

We’re The Leading Cannabis Waste Solutions Provider in Southern California!

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At EcoWaste Services, we have over 10 years experience in the waste industry. We also have all the experience and knowledge needed to properly dispose of your cannabis waste! We strive to make things easy for you and through our online portal give you full access to your cannabis waste manifest. Our team will not only educate you on the process, but make the process as painless as possible.

While cannabis waste can be a hassle, it doesn’t have to be. By planning ahead, you can be sure to properly dispose of all the waste and keep growing your business! Contact us today to learn more about how our services will be a benefit to your cannabis operation!

Joe Cason has been working in the cannabis industry for over 4 years. In that time he has written hundreds of articles and has worked for some of the largest cannabis publications in the country, including High Times Magazine. He currently works as a CBD activist and lobbyist in Tennessee, as well as a freelance web designer.

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