Illinois, Michigan, and Vermont Next to Join The Green Rush

Illinois, Michigan, and Vermont are on their way to joining 8 other states in selling fully legal cannabis for adult-use. 

On June 25th, Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) signed HB 1438 into law ending cannabis prohibition in the state of Illinois. It also expunged the records of almost 800,000 individuals convicted of nonviolent cannabis-related crimes and approved the purchase of recreational cannabis by adults. Medical cannabis patients have also been authorized to grow up to five of their own cannabis plants. Illinois will be starting their recreational sales on January 1st, 2020.

Michigan is also joining the green rush. However, there’s some slight holdups. Due to the state differentiating between cannabis crops grown for the purpose of being sold for medical use and recreational use, growers are going to have to get separate licenses to grow for both markets, which only complicates and lengthens the process.

Dispensaries selling recreational cannabis will have to wait for growers to receive their licenses for adult-use. Michigan plans on allowing the sale of cannabis for adult-use in the first quarter of 2020 with a deadline of March 2020. 

Vermont is special because state legislators outright legalized recreational cannabis instead of issuing a state-wide vote like other states have. Vermont will be joining the recreational party a little late, however, due to lawmakers being unable to come to an agreement on an amount to charge for the excise tax.

Governor Phil Scot (R-VT) has also held things up by requesting specific regulations on saliva testing for cannabis before signing any legislation. Vermont is expecting to begin retail sales of cannabis by July 2021. 

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