Important Cannabis Hydroponic Supplies to Have On-Hand

Important Cannabis Hydroponic Supplies

Some of the most important cannabis hydroponic supplies are often overlooked – especially by those just starting their hydroponic venture. While hydroponic growing equipment doesn’t always come cheap, it might not be as expensive as it was in the past. With innovations hitting the scene and some tried and true grow equipment cheap, some beginner growers establish their indoor grows for around $1,000.

So what are the most important cannabis hydroponic supplies you’ll want to have on-hand? That’s precisely what we aim to explain in this article.

But first, where do you plan to start your grow?

Growing Cannabis Hydroponically Indoors vs. Outdoors

While most people believe indoor hydroponic grow systems are ideal, some circumstances call for outdoor grow systems – and each side comes with its own set of pros and cons.

For indoor hydroponic cannabis grows, you’ll need more skill and have to stay on top of your maintenance since the setup is less forgiving. On the other hand, quality can be rather impressive in regards to its density, terpene content, and potency.

But outdoor hydroponically grown cannabis also has a lot to offer.

Outdoor grows offer a higher yield. While the nugs might not be as incredible, you’ll be able to grow more bud with the same number of plants. The main advantage here is that your plants have more room to thrive, allowing them to become massive.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Hydroponic Cannabis Grow Supplies

Depending on where you plan to establish your grow, you’ll need different equipment. However, every cannabis plant needs four elements to grow properly:

  1. Light
  2. Water
  3. Nutrients
  4. Air

Generally speaking, the main difference between indoor and outdoor hydroponic cannabis grows in terms of supplies is outdoor grows require fewer materials. The light comes from the sun, and the air circulation occurs naturally.

For a proper indoor hydroponic cannabis growing setup, you’ll need:

  • Cannabis Seeds or Clones
  • Grow Lights
  • Nutrients & Supplements
  • Ventilation
  • Buckets
  • Thermometer, pH-Meter, & PPM-Meter
  • Carbon Filter
  • A Grow Tent

Important Cannabis Hydroponic Supplies More In-Depth

Hydroponic growing equipment is essential for successful high-quality yields. Whether you’re buying grow room supplies wholes or indoor grow room supplies from the shop down the street, keep the following in mind as you shop for what you need:

1. Cannabis Seeds or Clones

Think of seeds and clones as the genetic powerhouse of your indoor grow room supplies list. The quality and strain of your plants will ultimately impact what your yield looks like in the end.

For indoor hydroponic cannabis grows, indica-heavy strains are the easiest to grow. These flower faster and offer more bud than Sativa-heavy strains.

Since indica-heavy strains are more compact, they don’t need much space. These strains are also more forgiving, which is particularly beneficial for beginner growers.

100% Sativa strains aren’t so suitable for indoor hydroponic growing setups. Since they tend to grow tall, hybrids are a preferable alternative.

If you’re planning to purchase seeds, make sure to buy feminized seeds. Female cannabis plants produce the flower.

Also, understanding the difference between auto-flowering and photoperiod seeds can make your indoor grow more successful. For auto-flowering plants, you’ll want them under a 20/4 light schedule. This means you’ll have the lights on for 20 hours, followed by 4 hours of darkness from germination until harvest. These plants flower automatically. Hence, the name.

On the other hand, Photoperiod plants demand a light schedule change to initiate flowering. This involves changing the schedule to 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness. If you’re willing to put in the extra work, feel free to go with a Photoperiod strain.

2. Grow Lights for Hydroponic Cannabis Grows

For indoor hydroponic marijuana, you’ll have to replace the sunlight – unless you have an opening in your ceiling. While electric costs can add up for massive indoor grow operations, it’s not much to worry about if you go with LED lights.

HPS lights are also ideal for beginners. These are cheaper than LEDs. However, they’re more expensive because of the electricity and replacement costs. How often you need to replace these lights depends on their quality. But usually, they have to be replaced within 1 to 6 months.

For HPS grow lights, you’ll need more ventilation. Since these lights generate significantly more heat than LED lights, a high-quality exhaust fan is essential for an HPS light.

HPS lights also demand a ballast for power and a hood/reflector to distribute the light to your entire grow. For those beginning their hydroponic grow setup, one of the most straightforward options is a full HPS grow light kit. These kits already have the ballast and hood ready to go.

For pre-made lights straight from the manufacturer, you can bypass hanging ropes. However, if you’re going for a DIY light setup, you’ll need to determine a way to hang your lights over your plants.

3. Nutrients & Supplements for Cannabis Hydroponic Setups

Whether you’re growing cannabis hydroponically or in soil, you’ll need nutrients to keep them healthy. But when you’re growing in a hydroponic system, the nutrients go in the water instead of soil. This means you’ll need to add them.

Mixing water and nutrients creates your nutrient solution. This is how you’ll nourish your plants.

Some of the best nutrients for hydroponic systems are Jacks Hydroponic 5-12-25 Jack’s Professional, Pennington Epsom Salt, and Jacks Calcium Nitrate 15.5% Nitrogen 18% Calcium.

As you’re mixing your hydroponic nutrient solution, keep in mind that it’s best to mix the Calcium Nitrate in a different solution. Once you’ve diluted everything, combine everything into a single solution. Since Calcium doesn’t combine well with Sulfates and Phosphates, this is the best practice.

4. Ventilation

Cannabis plants need air and CO2. To provide the CO2-rich air they need, you’ll need the right ventilation.

Ventilation also protects your crops from high temperatures. This is how you’ll maintain the right conditions in your grow room or grow tent.

Here’s what your ventilation should include:

  1. Active air exhaustion
  2. Passive or active air intake
  3. Air movement

If you’re a beginner, use a passive intake. This is where you make a hole or two on the other end of your exhaust fan in your grow room or tent. Then, you’ll use an inline exhaust fan.

5. Buckets

Since you’re growing hydroponically, you’ll need buckets to hold your water and plants. This sort of system bypasses the need for soil in fancy pots.

A pre-made hydroponic system is usually ideal for beginners. If you order a system, the buckets usually will come with it.

6. Thermometer, pH-Meter, & PPM-Meter

For optimal temperature and pH, you’ll need to right tools to oversee any changes.

Different strains have different climate needs to produce high-quality flower. Once you know the optimal temperature levels, you’ll maintain that environment. This is where a basic thermometer comes in handy.

A pH testing tool is also crucial. Since pH impacts nutrient availability, nutrient leaching, and bacteria growth, the wrong pH could cause malnutrition. This can ultimately lead to a dead crop.

A pH-meter for hydroponic growing is precisely what you’ll need to ensure your hydroponic grow’s pH is between 5.5 and 6.5. If it’s not, your plants are likely to die.

Hydroponic grows also need a PPM-meter. This tool allows you to measure the nutrient-strength of your nutrient solution. In turn, you can maintain appropriate nutrient-strength to optimize your plants’ health.

7. Carbon Filter

Who doesn’t love the smell of high-quality buds? So, why is this one of the most important cannabis hydroponic supplies?

Carbon filters eliminate 95% of the cannabis odor. This filter should ensure your house doesn’t completely wreak of bud. But what’s more is how it will keep your grow operation on the down low, without alerting would-be thieves of your plants.

8. Grow Tent

Even though a grow tent isn’t vital, it’s nice to have – especially if you’re growing indoors hydroponically. However, you might be able to use a spare room or closet to house your grow.

But grow tents make life easier for growers in several ways:

  • Pest control
  • Light reflection
  • Isolation of infections and odors
  • Lightproof environment to minimize plant stress
  • More control over the environment

You can achieve the same results in a spare room or closet. But if you’re just starting your grow, a grow tent facilitates everything.

Concluding on Important Cannabis Hydroponic Supplies

Now you know about the most important marijuana hydroponic supplies. Did we miss anything?

Leave a comment down below if you think we should add any other vital supplies! 

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