Iowa State Board Officially Offers Medical Cannabis For Chronic Pain

Medical cannabis for chronic pain has the potential to help a lot of patients cope with day-to-day pain. So it’s easy to see why an Iowa state board has finally added it as a qualifying condition for the herb. But what’s going to happen in the state’s heavily regulated marijuana market?

The expectation is that this new development should increase sales despite the in-depth regulations. With chronic pain typically pushing more sales throughout other states, we can expect more sales happening in Iowa as well.

Unfortunately, the use of cannabis for anxiety disorder and opioid dependence was denied. The Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board also brushed off the decision to allow cannabis for post-traumatic stress disorder patients.

The primary issue here is that medical marijuana has the potential to go beyond helping the patients qualifying for it. With so many studies showing how effective the herb is for treating a multitude of conditions, the fact that it has taken so long for medical marijuana to be offered for chronic pain showcases the Iowa cannabis sector as one characterized by slow growth.

This meeting is the first since Gov. Kim Reynolds’ May denial of raising the THC potency allowances for the medical marijuana program. Thus, it’s not hard to see how this market is hindering the advance of medical cannabis in Iowa.

At this point, the qualifying conditions in Iowa are seizures, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Crohn’s disease. Now with chronic pain added to this list, the battle continues to get medical cannabis to patients suffering from various other ailments.

Do you believe cannabis could help you with a chronic condition? Which problems do you think should enable patients to be given access to medical cannabis?

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