LA Police Officer Rearrested Over Cash Theft from Cali Cannabis Facility

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Times reported an L.A. police officer was arrested for a second time. But this time, the arrest was for a felony count.

The incident occurred in January, with the officer accused of having stolen cash out of an employee’s backpack at a cannabis grow facility.

The first arrest of Officer Luis Mota happened at the grow facility Jan. 27 after an employee alerted an LAPD supervisor of the issue. She claimed that some money had been taken from her backpack, and after checking the surveillance video, she’d deemed Mota had stolen the money. Mota was then charged with misdemeanor theft. 

Then, Thursday, Mota was rearrested after L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey’s office brought a felony burglary charge based on the findings of an internal affairs investigation. At this point, Lacey’s office has not commented on any of the new information or evidence that resulted in the additional charge against Mota.

Los Angeles Times has not received a response from Mota’s attorney concerning the allegations. Mota also could not be reached to provide more insight into the case.

The bail set for mota is $50,000. However, he has been released from custody due to some rules focused on lessening the spread of COVID-19 in jails.

Mota’s arraignment is scheduled for January. If he is convicted, he could face up to three years in prison.

Unfortunately, the cannabis industry attracts people like Mota. This officer was looking to take advantage of a cannabis grow facility employee, abusing his power and the trust he was allotted as an officer of the law.

Often, it seems as though the cannabis industry is being discriminated against on account of the newly-legalized product. While the taboo nature of this industry is bound to dissipate eventually, for now, it’s crucial to be wary of everyone with access to your operation.

Usually, thefts at cannabis shops result in products stolen from the owner. But sometimes, as in this case, the employees are the victims.

Have you ever had a problem with theft at your cannabis facility?

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