Medicinal Marijuana Will be Available in the UK From November 1st

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The United Kingdom Joins The Club

Rumors were spreading about a possible new regulation regarding medical cannabis in the UK, now the news seems to be true and with a precise date in mind.

Sajid Javid, Home Secretary of the British Cabinet, has announced that from November 1st of this year, doctors will be able to prescribe medical cannabis to patients in any form permitted by government officials. These new rules apply to Wales, Scotland and England.

Some in the press argue that the reason why this event is taking place follows the outcome of various high-profile instances. Most notably, the cases of Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, both epilepsy sufferers who seem to have found greater relief by using cannabis oil in their treatments.

Though this not makes cannabis completely legal all over the United Kingdom, it opens the possibility for further observations by the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) that can lead to a probable legalization nationwide.

“As a family, we were facing his death. Now we are facing his life, full of joy and hope, which is something I wish for each and every person in this country who could benefit from this medicine.” Said Alfie’s mother, Hannah Deacon.

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Legalization in 2019: According to Encinitas Marijuana CEO  

After a $4200 donation to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Encinitas Marijuana CEO Brad McLaughlin went to Washington DC to discuss openly about cannabis legalization with none other than President Donald Trump and many Republicans in Congress.

“I paid for my own airfare and my own hotel stay at the Trump Hotel in Washington,” he said Thursday. “I’m not a paid consultant or a paid adviser. I went to Washington to speak to lawmakers about cannabis reform because I believe it’s the right thing to do.” Said McLaughlin to the press.

It is known that Rep. Rohrabacher backs the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana at the federal level, and sees in McLaughlin an “extremely talented entrepreneur” that can find some common ground with the most conservative members at Capitol Hill, assuring that sooner than later legalization will become a reality.

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Rep. Jared Polis Speaks About The Colorado Pot Industry  

Proven to be more than just a partisan issue, US Representative for Colorado’s 2nd congressional district Jared Polis, and actual Governor candidate for the same state through the Democratic Party, visited the Craft Concentrates facilities this last October 12, company that is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality marijuana concentrate products.

“Colorado has proven that allowing responsible adults to legally purchase cannabis gives money to classrooms, not cartels; creates jobs, not addicts; and boosts our economy, not our prison population.” Said Polis via his Twitter account.

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