Martha Stewart Is Distancing Her CBD Brand From The Cannabis Industry

At 77 years old, no one would have guessed Martha Stewart would begin participating in the cannabis industry — that is, until she started her advisory role at Canopy Growth Corp. Since then, she has been working with CGC on their Martha Stewart CBD product line, which ultimately has led to her discussing her new product line at the World Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Even though Stewart works close with CGC on their product line and she has a close relationship with Snoop Dog, she claims that she is not a fan of smoking ganja. In an interview with Yahoo Finance Canada, Stewart had this to say, “I don’t smoke. I don’t ingest smoke. Anyway, I try not to.”

She went on to say, “I’ve used various (CBD) creams and patches to try to see if it makes any difference for an aching tendon. They seem to sometimes be really effective. It’s not like medicine to me. It’s more like an additive to a daily routine.”

With CBD growing exponentially in popularity due to the perception of its wellness benefits, it’s being added to a variety of products. We’re currently seeing this cannabinoid in lotions, bath bombs, coffee, and more. So it’s not so surprising that wellness experts like Martha Stewart are going beyond dabbling in the industry.

Even though Stewart is advising one of the biggest cannabis companies on the planet, she seems to try to distance her entire brand from cannabis. She says, “We’re not really working in the cannabis industry. We’re working in the CBD industry. I think that people are paying attention and learning the difference between THC and CBD. They really want to figure it out.”

Even though Martha Stewart is looking to distance herself from the cannabis industry, CBD is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. As she infuses food and utilizes her thousands of original recipes to inspire edible products, it’s safe to say she knows where the CBD is coming from.


Perhaps she thinks the cannabis industry is still a grey area industry. What are your thoughts on this CBD line? Is it a part of the cannabis industry, or is it something else?

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