Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Is Strict on Cannabis Waste

In January of this year Massachusetts investigators visited MCR Laboratories to conduct an announced inspection. The State would received reports that vials that had marijuana and cannabis waste were being disposed of in an unsecured dumpster. Even fluid waste containing cannabis additionally wasn’t put away or verified appropriately.

The lab likewise submitted reports to the state for 7,510 examples they went through from Nov. 1, 2018 to Jan. 23, 2019, and they found that the documentation did not have the proper records for the handling and disposing of the cannabis waste materials.

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The lab presented a game plan in February to fix the issues, and a re-investigation in April demonstrated that the lab had finished the fix.

Be that as it may, state controllers chose to suspend their permit and MCR entered into a dispute resolution with the commission on July 18 and 24, ultimately agreeing to pay a $225,000 fine. The lab will likewise be required to enlist an office and security supervisor and a compliance administrator, and lead a consistence review a half year after the positions are employed.

“These are violations that go to a core of an independent testing labs responsibilities,” said Paul Payer, enforcement counsel with the commission. “Based on those, (and) we were at an early stage in commissions regulatory activity, it was important to monitor continued compliance.”

In a statement, lab owner Michael Kahn said the lab has improved its practices beyond what is just required under state law.

“Through full cooperation with the commission and a comprehensive audit of our procedures, we have implemented improved protocols for waste disposal that not only ensure full regulatory compliance, but represent the best practices in the cannabis testing industry,” Kahn said. “We will continue to advance public health and safety through our analysis of cannabis products.”


As cannabis continues to become a regular part of our society there are regulations that you wouldn’t think twice about being enforced regularly.

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